Friday, January 27, 2012

[Vids] Hyun Joong @ Music Station 01.27.12

Hyun Joong was a guest today in Music Station and he even performed 'Kiss Kiss' on the show. I am shoving here some videos from the show which were all from the re-tweets of @tomomon2. The following videos are from the YouTube channel of .

Introduction of Hyun Joong

If you want to see Hyun Joong performing 'Kiss Kiss' you may fast forward to 2:54 mark.


I hope that later we can get HD video of the show.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Hyun Joong ah.

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear HJL speaking in Japanese again! He understands the language n he only needs to practise or brush up on it to gain more confidence, I'm sure. I've always enjoyed his forays in the Japanese language~quirky as usual our Leader!