Thursday, January 19, 2012

[Article] Jung Min to Spend Lunar New Year in Korea

Finally we hear something new about Jung Min who has been staying behind so quietly at the production of his drama in Taiwan.

Much much thanks to RPJM M for doing the translation of this news and sharing on their RoyalPJM blog. Reading this makes me think that Jung Min miss so much his mom and family as well as Korea. I hope he has been given more time to spend with his love ones.


[News] Park Jung Min to return to Korea for Lunar New Year, planning to buy a shop for his mother as a gift
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Park Jung Min who has come to Taiwan for a long stay for almost half a year because of the filming of Angie Chai’s production idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Although the drama is still filming in progress, the director show solicitude for the actors and has decided to give a 5 days holiday for everyone. Park Jung Min can also finally return to Korea to visit his family. He also revealed that he will be buying a shop to reward his mother.

Park Jung Min will be receiving pocket-money (New Year Red Packet) from his elders but he is even generous to give his mother a shop. He said “My mother have always wanted to open a café so I will buy a shop for her to make her happy to do business.” However, his mother’s culinary skill is good and Park Jung Min feels that it’s a pity to open a café instead of a restaurant. He is still in a midst of convincing his mother.

Park Jung Min also revealed that he has already made an appointment with his brother’s children to play Korea New Year must-play game Yut/Yunnori, His nephews are delighted when he said that he will be returning home during New Year. Apart from wanting to get red packets from him, they even said that they want to win his money to subsidies their tuition fees.

Though holiday has not arrived, Park Jung Min has been eager to go home because he missed his mother’s New Year’s dishes. He said “I love the Korean Rice Cake soup and Kimchi pancake made by my mother.” Upon thinking about his mother’s cooking, he cried out and said “I really want to fly back to Korea as soon as possible to eat them.”


Idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’ starts its filming from Korea to Taiwan, filming from the rabbit year to dragon year. Jung Min whom has been having a long stay in Taiwan for nearly half a year has received a 5 days holiday. He will be rushing back to Korea on the Lunar New Year’s Eve for reunion dinner and even said that he wants to give his mother a ‘Golden Shop’ as a Lunar New Year’s gift, fulfilling his mother’s dream of opening a café.

Park Jung Min will be returning back to Korea for gathering with his relatives and friends. He has already made an appointment with his brother’s children for a game of Yut/Yunnori which is a must-play game during Lunar New Year in Korea. He praised that his mother’s cooking is the best, his relatives will also gather in his house during Lunar New Year’s Eve for reunion dinner. His mother will be in charge of cooking the dinner for everyone, “I love the Korean Rice Cake soup and Kimchi pancake made by my mother. In Korea, eating Korean Rice Cake soup during the Lunar new year also represents that you grew a year older, it’s a must eat dish among the many.”


Here are few more new photos from 'Fondant Garden' casts forward to me by veggiedelight.


Park RayRay said...

Ahhh... he is such a darling son whom any parents would dream to have.. and of course my parents would love to have him as a son-in-law too. kekekekeee... XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

Minnie is so tall he has to bend down always. It's hilarious!
I bet his family and friends missed him too. Enjoy your vacations Jungmin!

sinthia said...

Finally he gets a break! Hope he be able to rest this time, so he can go back to work all refreshed.^^
He must miss his family so much, I wish they enjoy this holiday together.

Anonymous said...

this sweet caring sunshine boy is the son i would loooove to have!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, he can be home. What kind of drama in TW? Why did it take so long but no boardcasting yet. I knew the drama did change the main actress, but compared to Korean drama, it took loooooooong. Welcome to your home.

Anonymous said...

with my experience of stalking/researching taiwanese dramas over the years,I think it's a custom in taiwan entertainment to COMPLETELY finish the drama shooting before it is shown on television. Min's drama took longer than usual because they had to change the female lead and had to reshoot all those scenes with a new lead. Jung Min fighting!