Monday, January 30, 2012

[Trans] StarNews Interview with Hyung Jun

Loads of thanks to cll_clam10 for translating this article from StarNews. Of course another interesting and great interview with Hyung Jun. Our ambitious Hyung Jun who's very much motivated and inspired because of the big dream he has for himself.

Misty Gibbs said"Life is short, live bold! Be heard, be you, dream big, take risks, don’t wait!" We will be there to support you Hyung Jung. And as Les Brown said "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." You've made it this far and you're well recognized as who you are. Many are proud of Hyung Jun's accomplishments.


[Trans] Kim Hyung Jun "Recently Wish To Fall In Love" Interview
Chinese Trans:未央@初心-金亨俊中文网
English Trans:
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Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun (25yrs old) on 7th 1st broadcast of KBS drama 'Glowing She' acting as Top Star Kang Min character. In 'Glowing She', Top Star Kang Min and TV PD No Young-Woo (acted by Park Kwang Hyun) together with TV writer Jeon Ji Hyeon (acted by So I-hyeon) will launch in a romantic love triangle.

Top Star and TV writer love line will be of notice with concern to many although naive and childish. During the year 2005 who was from the idol group and gained a lot of popularity Kim Hyung Jun and So I-hyeon will become what kind of couple which is of curiousity to many.

'Glowing She' is a romantic love comedy which also touched those singles out there who really wanted to fall in love from their inner hearts. Being influence by those singles who aspire being in love, what will Kim Hyung Jun do? He secretly admitted that 'Would like to fall in love'.

"Would like to fall into that kind of love as the drama. Seeing in the drama Top Star and writer love line, have the kind 'if I can fall in love like this' thinking. Although maybe due to that I am so into the character of Kang Min, but recently really have this urge to fall in love. Maybe I will go into a relationship after the drama is wrapped up."

"Are the potential love cells wake up?" Kim Hyung Jun expressed the wish of wanting to be out of the single idea. Curious of him wanting to have the kind of love that happen in the dramas. In reality, like in the drama if there is someone like the writer or anyone similar for him to pursue, what will he do?

"I will accept if I have feelings for her. Doing the same thing is not a bad idea. If we want to see each other we dont need to differeniate between an artiste or just a normal person. However, compared to artistes, I would wish to meet people from other fields. And also, if we were to get into relationship, there wouldnt be a need to sneak around to meet each other. Cos I wanna each other easily and without fear."

Wishing to fall in love Kim Hyung Jun bed scene with Seong Hyo Bin during the 1st broadcast of the drama also shocked the fans. Bed scene is usually the kind where you will not get to see the romantic unconventional nature on TV. For 1st timer, Kim Hyung Jun also suffered terribly for this high level acting of bed scene.

"I was very shy while shooting for the bed scene. I was very concerned about the people reactions around me. My mum, family and also those who know me have said that the scene is not bad. Initially was very worried what will the fans think, but was surprised that they all accepted coolly. Dont know whether is it due the the growing age of the fans thus their reactions are not as drastic as before."

While active in the actor activities Kim Hyung Jun is actually a singer. Seeing him immerse so deeply into acting, cant help but think that is he changing another route, will he forget that he is singer Kim Hyung Jun. "Recently I am really fascinated with acting indeed. But I will never ever give up music and being a singer. Even though I have released an album last year, but there are still alot of parts which I did not do enough. There are plans to release a new album during the 1st half year. Hope to get No.1 in all the music charts or during the music shows. To become solo singer Kim Hyung Jun."

Debuted during the late 10's singer Kim Hyung Jun has unwittingly become the youth of the mid 20s. Asking him what are the things that he really want to do at this age, he even has thought stuff beyond his 30 years of age. Thought that he is still a child but he has already exudes a masculine charm.

"Will be enlisting into the army before 30 years old. Prior enlisting hope to get the awards which I wanna get, do the stuff which I wanna do. When mentioned Kim Hyung Jun, would like to hear 'Kim Hyung Jun no matter actor or singer he is totally perfect' this kind of words. So now I am really taking this chance to strengthen my basis." So what will Kim Hyung Jun be after he is 30 years old and what are the difference, we anticipate.

Kim Hyung Jun who wish to get his Best New Actor awards in 2012 thru this drama expressed, "This is only the beginning of 2012, I will never forget the beginning of this unconditional learning heart", and looks like he is gearing up. Looking forward to end of the year 2012 where he hold his dreams and determination in his hands thru this year.


Anonymous said...

Our baby as not only matured physically, but also mentally. Is this the same whiny and cute HyungJun that clung to his hyungs and got bullied until he ran to their coordi? Hahaha.
You are totally a man Kim Hyung Jun, but in my heart you will always be baby. A super hot baby ;D

DeeDee2023 said...

I hope Hyung Jun achieves all of his hopes and dreams in 2012. I am enjoying his acting in "Glowing She" very much. He's very good at acting. Can't wait for his new album - I love to hear him sing. And I'm loving how mature he is becoming. Keep up the great work, Hyung Jun! :-)

sinthia said...

I'm afraid of the day they'll have to enlist . Two years is too much time! I don't wanna be without them for so long! sniff... T.T
I just hope they comeback before going to army like shinhwa did. *.*