Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[Full Vid] Kyu Jong @ Strong Heart 01.10.12

Last night's episode of 'Strong Heart' where Kyu Jong and Se Jung part two guesting was broadcast can now be viewed in full over at YouTube via the YT channel of .

In this episode, do check the shuffle dance of Kyu Jong, how he read his message for Se Jung and how Se Jung revealed Kyu Jong's email for her.

Much thanks to veggiedelight for shoving in my email link to YT.

Well, if you are too lazy to watch the full show and are only looking for the cut where Kyu Jong was reading his letter to Se Jung, you may want to check this video courtesy of YT channel.

I believe Chinese translation of the letter is already out. I hope there will be some kind soul who will share with us the English translation. ^^


Park RayRay said...

I read the English translation of the letter here
“By exchanging emails with Se Jung nuna, I’m trying to read more books and experience more. I hope you find a good guy, and if you get to marry, please invite me to your wedding.”

Park RayRay said...

eerrmm... thot u already posted it below? hhmm... please remove my comments ok... thx...

slimz1808 said...

haaaa.. liezle... i will try to trans.. but the letter's contents are somehow quite mushy.. haaa... hope i dont kill the feel of it =P