Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Trans] Y.E.S. Staff Report 01.25.12

This guys keeps on giving us BIG surprises. Without much news after 'Three Musketeers' that ended in December here we get news from Y.E.S. staff report that Young Saeng will be releasing his 2nd album late February (which my guess can be moved to March) and joining a sitcom entitle 'I Need a Fairy' in which Cha In Pyo,Hwang Woo Seul Hye and Kim Hye Jin are all starring in.

Here's the English translation of the Staff Report posted on Y.E.S. which I excitedly tweeted about and researched about the drama when I read it. ^^

Super thanks to cll_slam10 for a more complete translation of the Staff Report which she posted on her blog.


[Trans] Y.E.S. Staff Report 01.25.12
Chinese Trans: Baidu HYS Bar
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

Hello everyone. This is Y.E.S Staff.
Happy New Year with lots of blessings ~

We have sent out all the Y.E.S membership cards and season greetings (New Year card) after the first month.
Have received lots of emails. Next week will announced the contents regarding some of the emails received.

Below we wanna announce Young Saeng new year news.

What kind of image will Singer Heo Young Saeng appear on stage, looking forward by many, has been thinking about this issue.
Heo Young Saeng puts in a lot of time and effort preparing for his new album.
At the same time, thru end Feb he will be challenging in his 1st comedy drama "Must Be Fairy" which will be broadcast on KBS TV.

Everyone will be able to see Heo Young Saeng daily thru your TV screen.
Making everyone waiting for so long, is to show better image, the staff including Young Saeng is working hard preparing.

Heo Young Saeng who always surprising and moving us, everyone please look forward and give your utmost warmth support, at the same time give him lots of aid when you see him on your TV screen.

Thank you.


kelly said...

My neck has been growing long just waiting for news about him... I was hoping he will do a comedy and he really is going to. So glad and happy. I think he will do well in comedy and sing well in sentimental ballad. What a good mix :)

He springs surprises all the time... I just cannot wait. But good things are worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

yay! the long awaited has finally over, ys will be in a drama!! hwaiting ys~
and also 4 his 2nd album.. =>

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy right now ^_^
he will be in drama and release 2nd mini,i can't wait ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, YS in a comedy drama...... oh, I can't wait for his 2nd mini album as well .... so happy.

Anonymous said...

4 members of SS501 start dramas, only Hyun Joong is active with singing now. Because of not good result of album's sales? Dramas brings famous more?

Anonymous said...

@1:39 all members are doing album and drama. and the four of them even did musical. because they are talented and they wanted to explore everything. so far they've been very successful in all the fields. this year all will do tv drama and others might even do movies. all have scheduled to release their album too this year. 2012 will be a good year to all members. they will not only do activitiesin japan but other countries too. triple s are so proud of their accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

just knew he must be brewing for some delightful surprises when he has been too "quiet" after the musical (apart from going to movies with park ji bin:)

go saengie go!

Anonymous said...

hi, @1:39
if you are bored & longing for someone to talk to, then leave your Facebook, twitter, bolg ... or whatever address here, i will squeeze out some of the time & chat with you ......
but can you, can you please do not hurt leader & the boys ?!
you do not need to love them, but can you please respect them ?!
no matter what reason you have, it is not nice to disturb the peacefulness inside the fandom of the boys.
'to compare what leader do with the other members, then talk like you admire only khjL, but on the other hand you drive the other fans to hate him' ---- there have been some kind like this one posting on different boy's articles recently. but we really hope they are not from the same person.
hi, girl (boy), i really have not intend to figure out your real motivation, but i really hope you can reconsider ... it is not for the boys but for yourself. the blogger has been working so hard to search & update the boys' info in her spare time & make the blog so informational & stylish for your conveniency. isn't you gain the benefit while you browse liezle blog with happy mood :)

sinthia said...

weee Saengie will do a drama!!\o/
All my boys will have at least one drama in their curriculum! ^^
I'm very happy reading this. I'm already anticipating his drama. Hope it be a huge success.

DeeDee2023 said...

Oh I am soooo looking forward to Young Saeng's new album and sitcom! I wish him all the best in everything he does in 2012! Love you, Young Saeng! :-)