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[Article & Vid] More About Kyu Jong & Oh Se Jung in 'Strong Heart'

The second part of Kyu Jong and O Se Jung's guesting in Strong Heart was broadcast last night. Though we've known earlier the story how they met without greeting each other and the messages left on the homepage and emails we don't know much other details until some were revealed last night. Do check out the article below for more.

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[News] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong Secretly Dating Oh Se Jung?

Courtesy of thunderstix / Soompi

On October 10, SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and revealed that he regularly keeps in touch with Oh Se Jung, the actress that he’s often pointed as his ideal woman. This came after Kim Kyu Jong said he was stunned by Oh Se Jung’s beauty when he first met her, raising speculation that the two might be secretly dating.

“I felt bad for openly telling people that Oh Se Jung was my ideal type. But one day, when I went to leave a message on her personal home page, I found a posting that read, ‘I’m sorry for not properly saying hi to you. Let’s grab a meal together soon,” Kim Kyu Jong said.

Oh Se Jung added, “We actually passed by each other one day but couldn’t say hi because we were both talking on the phone. That’s why I left that message on my home page. It felt like he would visit my home page.”

Although the posting did not specify any names, Kim Kyu Jong felt like it was written for him and immediately wrote an email to Oh Se Jung. But he didn’t get any response from her, so went on air and said, “Please check your email.” Finally, after three months, Oh Se Jung wrote him back and they’ve become close friends since then.

“Kim Kyu Jong always writes me emails as if it’s his personal diary. It’s goes something like, ‘I had chicken soup with my dad,’” Oh Se Jung said.

This resulted in the guests on the show to question if the two have been secretly dating. But Kim Kyu Jong only said, “We just trade emails occasionally.” During last week’s episode, Oh Se Jung said she’s heard many rumors of them dating, and was even asked by a nurse at a hospital if she’s the girl friend of an idol star.

At the end of the show, Kim Kyu Jong was given a chance to show his true feelings for Oh Se Jung. He prepared a hand-written letter, saying, “By exchanging emails with Se Jung nuna, I’m trying to read more books and experience more. I hope you find a good guy, and if you get to marry, please invite me to your wedding.”

Here is the cute when Kyu Jong read his letter to Oh Se Jung courtesy of YouTube channel.

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