Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Pix] Hyung Jun Left for Macau 01.27.12 by Prettyboy

Hyung Jun left early morning Friday via Incheon Airport to go to Macau for tonight's K-Music Youth's Ambition in Asia Concert. Together with him in this concert are : Infinite, ZE:A, Miss A, U Kiss and B1A4. The concert will be at Venetian Macao - CotaiArena that will start at 8PM.

Here are photos of Hyung Jun from the shutterbug of Prettyboy at Incheon yesterday.

Earlier, JUNUSOfficial tweeted photos of Hyung Jun at the rehearsals for later's show. Here they are...

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sinthia said...

Sniff... I wish I lived closer to be able to go their presentations.
Lucky macau fans!!Give him lots of love and support. ^^