Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Article] Hyun Joong & Seohyun in Recent TFS Photo Shoot

I shared HERE a few days ago the new TheFaceShop CF of Seohyun and Hyun Joong. Go check it out again.


[News] Girls’ Generation member Seohyun & Kim Hyun Joong look like ‘campus couple’ for a recent photo shoot
Source & Image: IlganSports via Nate
by leesa86 / AllKPop

Photos of Girls’ Generation member Seohyun with singer Kim Hyun Joong were shared online.

The above photos surfaced on an online community site on the 26th, and were taken while the two were filming an advertisement for a cosmetics brand.

Kim Hyun Joong’s simple white shirt only drew more attention to his good looks, and Seohyun looked charming and feminine in her off-the-shoulder dress.

Both looked classy and trendy, and netizens felt they would make a good ‘campus couple’.

Netizens remarked, “That’s a lot of skin for Seohyun“, “They still look awkward“, and more.


Anonymous said...

Leader at Music Station 2012/01/27 - Kiss Kiss

Anonymous said...

Leader at Ameba Studio 2012-01-28
(There are 6 parts, only providing 1 link here. In Japanese, but you can hear the interpreter speaking in Korean to Leader. Don't underdertand a word they are saying, hope there's Eng sub soon).

Anonymous said...

Leader is so handsome.
Love him so much.