Monday, January 16, 2012

[Article] Hyung Jun's Kang Min Receives Praises

I knew it that it's just a matter of time that people will be noticing Hyung Jun's natural acting. Though he still has to learn a lot, the role that he accepted for his first drama is just perfect for him. Glad that this maknae is being recognized. I hope for him to have more success.


[News] SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun receives praise for his acting
Source & Image: Osen via Naver
Courtesy of d0rkyk0r3an / AllKPop

SS501‘s Kim Hyung Jun has been gaining praise for his acting in the KBS drama, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘.

The singer made his acting debut through this production, and has been receiving stamps of approval from both the staff and the show’s viewers. His ability to make haughty, yet comical facial expressions was particularly enjoyed, especially since his character ‘Kang Min’ is a snobby top star who nonetheless has the charming ability to be loved.

The scene that drew the most compliments was when this ‘King of Snobs’ threw a temper tantrum after no one came to visit him in the hospital. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, but because he treated the director, his agency president, and basically everyone around in whatever manner he wanted, sympathy was at a low point for his condition.

Viewers of the show gushed, “Kim Hyung Jun, you’re so cute!!!!!”, “Even the snobbish side is loveable”, and “I think I’ll enjoy watching this idol-actor’s progress.”

‘She’s Completely Insane’ airs every Saturday night at 10:40 p.m. on the KBS drama channel.


Preview of EP 4 is out and I am sharing it here courtesy of Prettyboyjun2 YT channel. Honestly though no English subs are out yet, I am really enjoying watching this show. With this I am looking forward to EP 4.


Anonymous said...

yeay...i'm so proud with baby.....^_^
keep up the good work....:)

Anonymous said...

Nicky and BaekSeungJo should come to visit Kangmin ^^

Anonymous said...

Nicky kyu even got the praise from the directer & partner ^^

ladyrose130 said...

Anyone know where I could watch this online with subs? I know... I'm asking for too much. :D

Anonymous said...

His hardwork is finally getting recognized! his drama gets high rating, good luck Baby!! Keep a good work ~~

sinthia said...

I feel so proud of him just like a mother when his baby is praised by someone. ^^
our boy is receiving the recognition that he always deserved! I can't put in words how much happy I'm feeling now.
Even without understanding his lines I enjoy so much his acting, can't wait to see the next episode!!
baby fighting!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that he got praised from all the people around him. Frankly, initially I was a little worried for him when he announced that he was going to take on a new drama. Luckily everything turned out fine, alright more than fine, great instead.

I too feel proud of him. I always think that he is a very very hardworking person and he seldoms get the chance or opportunity to show off his talent. Of course, I am so glad that this drama is doing well and he get the chance to show off his hard work and talent. And of course, all the sacrifices are worth it. :) Well done, Hyungjunnie~ <3