Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hyun Joong 2012 FM in Seoul Official Merchandise

Have you saved enough money while Hyun Joong is on a very short break? You should have since it's pretty obvious that come his tour new merchandise will be out.

Today, via Kim Hyun Joong's official Korean website, KeyEast revealed new products that will be on sale. Check the following photos and mark already what you would like to have and add it on to your wish list. Hee, CNY is coming, some red packets will be coming. ^_^

Btw, for those going tothe fan meeting in Seoul, these merchandise will be available at the venue. After the event, it will then be available at

Below is the instruction on how to avail. Hope that later, I'll be able to share with you translation if there will be one later.


Anonymous said...

the merchandises are all so lovely and most importantly reasonably priced! unlike the merchandises and tix when they go for fm overseas, they're so crazily expensive!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Leader's Kiss Kiss Japanese version teaser is out! =]

Anonymous said...

I really want the black hoodie!!!!

Just watched the teaser and it's so cute. HyunJoong is so adorable in it!!!! I really hope his single makes it to #1 in Japan.