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[Trans] HeraldBiz Interview with Hyung Jun

Hyung Jun has been giving a lot of interviews for the past day.That is all because thanks to 'Glowing She' we've been giving a lot a treat lately.

Complete translation of the interview of HerealBiz to Hyung Jun is shared and posted by xiaochu on Quainte501. Super thanks for the long translation xiaochu!

The interview is a bit long but it's a nice read. Go and check it out it's really interesting to know Hyung Jun's thought in so many things.


[trans] Kim HyungJun “Wants to get recognized as a rookie actor”
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[Lunar New Year Interview] Kim HyungJun “Wants to be recognized as a rookie actor”

These days, we hear of a great number of idol singers turning into actors. It is nothing shocking anymore, nor is it anything new. The acting of singers, where they are more familiar on stage, with their unexpected image have gained good appraisals from the general public but also mixed with harsh criticism that they cannot blend into the drama. The singers have to bear huge risks and holding the tension of prejudice to start their challenge in acting.

Debuted in 2005 as male idol group SS501, member Kim HyungJun got out of the group and dashed into the picture tube (TV dramas). He, who is more familiar with keeping in step in the powerful dance with his members as well as the luxurious stage clothes, can be seen in drama now.

We met Kim HyungJun who returned with the name of ‘actor’, and asked about his resolutions and aspirations for 2012. He is still magnificent on stage like before, and in addition we felt his nervousness and freshness as a rookie actor. His confidence and nervousness was felt at the same time, and strangely adds on to his charm.

# “I am rookie actor Kim HyungJun, please take care of me”

Kim HyungJun started year 2012 with KBS drama channel’s romantic comedy ‘She’s completely insane’. He acts alongside with actress So YiHyun and actor Park KwangHyun, taking the title role for his first drama.

“It is true that it is a huge burden as it is my first challenge in drama. I really wanted to do well, but what if I bring trouble to the drama, what should I do? And because there are a lot of such characters (in other dramas) in the past, so I have lots of worries. However this is a character which anyone would love to try for, so I am working hard to express it with my own feelings.”

In this drama, he acts enthusiastically as a prickly and charismatic top star KangMin. “I studied the character through watching dramas and movies, and adopted their good points, and in addition, I was finding Kim HyungJun’s own style too.”

Even though there are stresses because it is the main character, the interest and fun were even much more.

“I found that it was fun and my interest grew while doing it. I can’t do anything about the nervousness but think of it as the correct choice. Especially more than worrying for it, I am thankful that many people are telling me that it is ‘unexpected’.”

Kim HyungJun repeatedly thanked the director of the drama. The filming setting is a total strange place to him as this is his first challenge in drama, however during the initial stage of filming, the director gave him lane lessons and advices, which become a source of great strength to him. Park KwangHyun who acts alongside with him is the same too.

“Director contributed a lot to it. He worked very hard to make the filming atmosphere comfortable for me and so I am able to concentrate a lot in acting. And Park KwangHyun hyung he takes care of me like his real brother instead of being just a senior to me, so I am so thankful. There is nothing than enjoyable when I am on my way to the filming set.”

Just a little earlier than him, ’SS501s Kim KyuJong has also went into acting. A general service channel TV Chosun ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongiShl’. He did not act as the title role unlike Kim HyungJun, but acting alongside with big cast seniors like Kim HaeSook, Dokgo YoungJae, Cheon HoJin, etc, it is no doubt very stressful for him. Both of them encouraged and supported each other, and became even closer.

“I always in contact with Kim KyuJong, and he’s one of the members whom I always meet up with. We monitored each other’s debut broadcast and give advices on our shortcomings. It is the first drama for both of us, so we supported and encouraged each other because we were both stressed and nervous. It has really become a huge encouragement.”

SS501 members are each finding their own role and position while Kim HyungJun transformed into an actor.

“Singer, it is true that there are some disappointments about our stage. I keep thinking that how nice if we had produced more official full-length albums and promote more actively. But now, the members are each finding their own role and position so I feel proud and reassured. Everyone’s solo activities aren’t easy, thus I am proud and felt admirable to them. (laugh)”

# “The target for this year is to get recognition”

Started as an actor, Kim HyungJun’s year 2012. Will everything goes as per his plans which were stopped last year?

“In the new year, seems like everything went well as per planned so I felt good. I didn’t expect that there are more people knowing the acting Kim HyungJun too. Just by knowing it is already a happiness to me (laugh). The drama is setting off and I only want to put my best in it. I will show you my development as an actor, so I hope you can look forward to it.”

But he is still a rookie actor, so he feels shy and scared of being affixed with the word ‘actor’. “I am not used to be called an actor. But since I am determined to become an actor, my target is none other than getting recognition. I will learn a lot about acting and build up my experience till everyone can give their recognition by just hearing the name of ‘Kim HyungJun’, it is still a long way to go but I want to slowly achieve it.”

Actor, as much as Kim HyungJun is awkward with being called as an ‘actor’, viewers are not unfamiliar with him acting. “I hope the general public will not stereotype and enjoy watching comfortably. That is to say forget about singer Kim HyungJun, and welcome rookie actor Kim HyungJun.”

Different from being a singer, he has to learn new things one by one these days, returning his mindset to that of a rookie. Even though everything is unfamiliar, we felt the preciousness in him.

“Acting seems to be really difficult. You have to think of a lot of things from one till ten, so much that my head is about to explode, but I felt the preciousness of life. I really like it when I filmed and monitored (my performance/acting) in the bedroom. Even when I was pointed out (faults), there is a thrill feeling about learning, and I felt alive. Because everything to me is a whole new experience, nothing can be left out, everything is precious to me.”

A good start for the year of the dragon, what is Kim HyungJun’s target?

“If possible, my target for this year is to win a newcomer award as an actor. Of course before that, I want to gain recognition as an actor. Even though it is tough, I want show my progress little by little. In order to do that, I will be putting in my best.”

He didn’t forget his determined ambitions for performances in Japan. Kim HyungJun said “I had 20 performances in Japan last year.” Because in his heart, he is always thankful to the Japanese fans who have given him enthusiastic cheer and support, it is no surprise that in 2012, he is preparing to present a special performance for them.

“I’ve done a lot of performance there, so I think Japanese fans will like this a lot, and I will be proud and thrilled too. Whatever performance is, you must have the power, which is the charm that makes the audience come back again. That is why I want to plan even more for the next performance. I must start planning little by little from now.”

With that in mind, Jang GeunSuk is a friend whom he can learn a lot from, and a colleague walking on the same path as him. Before starting on the drama, he received a lot of advices, and also learned a lot from watching his Japan performances.

“When I started with the drama, (Jang) GeunSuk gave me a lot of advices. I am learning a lot from this friend. Even though he is a free mind and soul and does what he likes, he is a great friend who will accomplish what he has to do. Recently I asked him a lot about dramas. Because we have a lot of similarities, besides giving advices about acting, we also talk about other very personal matters.”

Kim HyungJun hold two big targets, acting and Japan tour. “In 2012, I wish to have a bright end just like how I started it splendidly.” His eyes show the excitement and anticipation about the new start, as well as full of confidence.

To Kim HyungJun, there are director, colleagues and friends who gave him great help when he is acting. Among them, the most strength came from none other than fans.

“I am always thankful to my fans. I am also sorry to them because they like SS501 and want to see us on stage, but I will work even harder and I want to repay them with another image of me. They are a huge strength to me while I filmed the drama and I am sincerely thankful, I think I can only repay fans by working hard in this way. I will never forget about fans’ mind, remembering them.”

At age of 26, Kim HyungJun made his new start as an ‘actor’. Like holding the black dragon’s pearl and soaring, we will be looking forward to him flying as high as his ambitions and determination.

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As a fan I feel very proud of him. His hard word will be rewarded someday, I'm pretty sure people won't be unfamiliar with his talent for so long. ^^
I'm anticipating a lot for him and other members as well in 2012.
Kim hyung jun fighting!!