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[Trans] Hyung Jun's Interesting Interview with ISPlus

Loads of thanks to ONLYJUN for sharing on their website the complete and more accurate translation of the article that ISPLUS did on Hyung Jun.

With this, I hope things will be cleared and will erase negative thoughts or whatever you may call it that can only add wrinkles to some of us. Let us not invite negative energy as CNY is just around the corner, k? ^_^

Again, thanks to ONLYJUN.

Btw, there may have been many translation in different languages already of this article, regardless of what language that was used I hope everyone will read the article carefully and not put any malice in what you read. Understand the context very well. Sometimes, if you don't know the person being interviewed at all and that you are not liking what he said there are times you 'mark' him wrongly already. I hope people don't do this it's not good.

As I have already posted this, much thanks again to tzeyin28 for doing the previous translation. I know she did her best in doing the translation earlier and I really appreciate her for doing it.


[Eng Trans] (Hot Zone)- Kim Hyung Jun “So E Hyun looks very pretty…Hungry to meet older ladies”

Source: ISPLUS
Eng Trans: ONLY JUN (

Repost with credits. Thanks.

Idol Group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun (25) returned as an actor after going solo.

In KBS N Drama ‘Sunshine Girl’ he acts as a king of insolent rudeness, slated to illustrate a sweet romance with broadcast writer So E Hyun (28). Kim Hyung Jun’s first acting debut has put forth plenty of discussion. Reason is because he came out from a popular idol group and hitched a free ride to become a leading actor in a drama. However he has no time to be bothered by these slanted views. Made staunch plans for the New Year and also wishes to catch up with his team peer Kim Hyun Joong, who is well ahead of him.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed, “Although has concerns about acting debut, but was engrossed in practising acting for the previous 1 year. Will show my competence. This year’s year end best drama rookie award’s winner will be me.” Heard him saying that even if he catches a cold and with running nose, he will still use his sparkling shining eyes and live up with the aspirations of being “YaMangDol” (“Ambitious Idol”).

-Termed “YaMangDol”, started acting.

“Really wanted to act. Thought that after going solo, (acting) is the thing that can let me best express myself. The previous 1 year because of acting practices, I was swamped. It was a relief that I received comments that my (speaking) tone has become stable because I have worked as a radio DJ for a long time. Although still at an infancy stage, but a good start is half the battle done isn’t it. Please anticipate.”

- What were the reactions after the first broadcast.

“Watched together with acting cast and filming crew. Director told me ‘You worked hard, just work like this in the future’ which made me felt like I could fly (Meaning extremely happy). The seniors also encouraged me, ‘don’t forget your initial resolution and if you work in this same manner, you will be able to attain success in acting’. I think that the reaction is good because I did not hold great expectations. In order to hear (people say) that I’m good in acting, I’ll be working even harder.”

-Lost 8kg of weight.

“People seems to know why I lost weight. It is only a little weight, please look at the new me. Reached the extent to which when one were to look at the photo of me before working out (exercising), one would not be able to recognise. Still sweet even if people mistook that I went for plastic surgery.

-Emerging as a top-star who is king of rudeness in the show. Actual image is..

“Come to think of it, manager hyungs have also made me cried. Seem to have been wounded by hyung’s harsh words. Kang Min intentionally appears to be mean because he does not wish to have his pride wounded. But if he were to meet someone who could understand that kind of pain, he would open his heart. Will notice it if one were to observe.”

- Comparison with Kim Hyun Joong arose as he started acting

“Just think of it as a well-intentioned competition.” Honestly, was envious when hyung started filming “Boys Over Flowers”, I also wanted to act. Now I have started. If you were to compare me with hyung, I feel very embarrassed (meaning to say, he feels not up to the mark yet). Will work 5 times harder in order not to disgrace SS501’s name. Also want to receive the rookie award this year without reserve.

-Received congratulatory calls from members

“Talked to Kyu Jong not long ago. Told me, ‘Watches very often, and once work has ended let’s have a drink’. Other hyungs were overseas, so they sent text messages. Everyone is busy leading their own lives so we cannot keep in frequent contact like what we did previously. Even so, I understand deeply how often members think of me.”

-Falling in love with the older writer So E Hyun.

“It is tough to develop feelings for a brother-like noona. But after makeup, she transformed into another person in front of the camera. Absolutely pretty. Up until now, have always been dating someone younger, at some moment, would dislike the sad reality that I have to look after another person. Had some painful experience. From 2012 onwards, shall start to look for people older (than him).”

-The experience of being in a relationship with someone in the entertainment industry.

“Had a circumstance where naturally developed affection for a same-age stylist who was working with me together for a few months. No matter what, when I was 20years old, if I were to (spend time) be together with a girl, seems like would start liking her. If there were occasions for drinks out as a whole team, and if signs of affection were shown, would take a few more glances, but have never ever linked up before (meaning to say, never matched up to get into a relationship.)

-Ideal type is.

“Moon Jae Won. Really love her soft voice tone. Graceful and neat image is totally my style. Among Junior girl group members, A-Pink Son NaEun is pretty. 4minute Hyuna has the sexiness that is beyond her age. Exudes the kind of charm that is hard to describe with words.”

-Became Veteran Idol.

“Feels to be getting older. Firstly, I’m sleeping more. Will doze off while peeling apple skin, while checking my handphone would also doze off. During debut period, even if only slept for 2 hours, did not feel taxing while doing work, but now it is necessary to regulate my condition. Now I’m taking deer antlers.” (*Deer antlers is used as a dietary supplement)

-Industry friends whom you socialise with recently.

“Jang Geun Suk is the kind of friend whom will come out once every 2 times you called him. Really like this “cool” friend. He still looks like a celebrity even looking at him 100m from far, but actions resemble simply like a neighbourhood friend. Song Seung Heon hyung will come out once if I call him 10 times. Haha. Became closer when I participated in hyung’s fanmeeting. Was thankful that he appeared on my birthday.”

- If were to self-evaulate the past 1 year after going solo.

“There are areas that I have done well, also many areas that I’m still lacking. When I see idol groups who debuted around the same time and is still doing well, would have that sense of pity “it will be nice if we spend 1 year working harder and receive a Gayo Daesung once”. But I think that the opportunity will still come again. Aside from that, as for solo activities, I’m not ashamed of the name “YaMangDol.”


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