Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Notice from CNR] Fan Club Membership 01.16.12

I am shoving here only the English notice from Park Jung Min's Korean Official Board regarding the end of membership application. As the membership ended last 9th of January CNR is requesting those still wanting to become a member to stop sending payment by depositing to the designated bank account they announced earlier. The admins are still in the process of deliberating whether to come up with another membership date.

I am crossing my fingers and wishing that there will be another one as I know some who would still like to be part of PJM's fan club.

Here is the notice from PJM's KOB.


Dear PJM’s fans,

As the official fan club recruitment period has expired, please don’t make a further deposit. For those who are waiting for a deposit confirmation mail from us, the verification process is in the closing stages and there will be a notice to finalize the membership list after the process is completed.

For the additional recruitment, internal reviewing is under discussion so we will notice its result as soon as we decide.

Also, there will be a naming selection for the official fan club soon and we are expecting your active participation.

Thank you very much for your support.

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sinthia said...

I missed the term to do my application. =(
Hope they give us one more chance to do it. thanks for the info Liezle! ^^