Friday, January 13, 2012

[Article] Hyung Jun Sincere Advice to Juniors on 'Idol Premiere'

The show on this news is tonight(2). I am hoping the see some vids and pix later as it would be nice to see Hyung Jun seating together with 1st gen idols.

Much thanks to xiaochu for translating this news on Quiante501.


[News] Kim HyungJun Sincere Advice to Juniors “Start profit sharing ratio as 6:4”
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Singer Kim HyungJun (24) and 1st~2nd generation idol members left an advice to their juniors about being sucked to the bones.

In the upcoming broadcast of JTBC ‘Idol Premiere’ on 13-Jan shows Noh YooMin (31), Danny An (33), etc, who are from h.o.t., Sechskies, NRG, god, etc, the 1st generation idols who ruled the late nineties and Kim HyungJun from SS501, SNSD, KARA, etc, from the 2nd generation idols such as Dong Bang Shin Gi, SS501, etc, giving advices on the structure of profit sharing to the 3rd generation idols juniors.

On this day, Kim HyungJun revealed his personal opinion, “I think it is right to get a sharing of about 60% to entertainer, 40% to company right from the start.” Senior idols’ sincere advices will be shown through ‘Idol Premiere’ to be broadcasted on 13-Jan at 8.45pm through JTBC.

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