Friday, January 20, 2012

Jung MIn New Pix from Japanese Webby

I saw this set of new photos (hee, if my recollection is correct ^^) of Jung Min posted on Baidu by 00lanse which according to the title are photos from Jung Min's Japanese website.

I am shoving these nice photos of model figured like Jung Min.

Wearing his sunshine like smile once again.

Jung Min is lanky (which most models are).
He is looking good with his loose pants
and double zipper long sleeves top.


DeeDee2023 said...

Have you ever looked at someone and can tell by the way he smiles that he knows he is loved? That's what I see in these beautiful pics of Jung Min. His smile radiates his happiness and his assurance that he knows he is loved by his family and his fans. It's a beautiful thing to see. You are so very loved, Jung Min. Always know that.

Anonymous said...

so true!!! his smile tells so much!

Park RayRay said...

Can't stop but keep falling more in love with d smile that lit up d whole world! <3

K-pop Deabak ^^ said...

I'm very like her smile . . . her lough . . . n etc , , ,