Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Pix of Hyun Joong for Hang Ten

I am shoving this post up to highlight the additional bigger images of Hyun Joong from the 2012 Spring/Summer Hang Ten collection photoshoot.


Hang Ten via @hangtenkorea revealed today Hyun Joong latest pictorial photos.

Do check the photos below which I believe is for their Spring and Summer collection and get excited a new as we await more photos and video from this.


Anonymous said...

DO anyone know that Hyun Joong is still the model for Hangten in 2012?
I think they changed the model every year.

Anonymous said...

These photoes are for 2012 spring/summer.

Anonymous said...

Why hyunjoong so~~~ beautiful like this??? Who can beat his beauty in this world?

sinthia said...

In the first pic, in that one he's posing in the chair, recall me Jung Min's style of taking photos.XD

I looooved his hair. He's looking so handsome! <3

Anonymous said...

Hangten takes the best photos -in their winter collection ,HJ looked masculine,pensive,serious and intense -as if you'd be scared really scared to cross him.

For spring/summer collection he is masculine,fresh faced and natural -you'd like to bring him along to a picnic,or go walking along the beach or simply show him off to your girlfriends : what a handsome boyfriend I've got!No,you can't touch him he's mine!

Anonymous said...

i love his new hairdo!!
he really looks amazing, even in a simple roundneck tee and berms ^^