Sunday, January 08, 2012

[Vids] Hyung Jun in 'Glowing She' Initial Broadcast

Have you seen Hyung Jun in 'Glowing She' last night? I only saw few cuts this morning as I slept really early than usual last night because I feel so tired after 5 days of being out of town. Anyway, on the sidebar, much thanks to slimz1808 for sharing full episode 2 of the drama. Check the end of this post to see link for episode 1.

For episode 1 though, here are cut scenes (highlights) of Hyung Jun.

Hospital scene.

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Hold on to your horses... this is the bed scene which I myself was kinda shock. Honestly didn't have any hint that there's going to be one.

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Those looking forward to next episode, here is the preview courtesy of .

P.S. For full episode 1 and 2 do check links below. Thanks to PrettyBoy_Jun.

Episode 1 click HERE
Episode 2 click HERE


Park RayRay said...

I went O_O too but after I watched closely, I think they used a "sub" for d SX parts cz the cam din reli shot his face directly. But the "thought" of it still makes my jaw drops. ;p Good acting. :)

Anonymous said...

It was him. I know, we like to think our idols are so innocent that they haven't even heard the word sex but don't forget that he's 25 yrs old. We may call him Baby but he's a full adult. I agree that it was still surprising to see.

I was really impressed with his acting skills. It wasn't perfect but for this being his first drama it was really good. You can tell that with more experience he's only going to get better and better.

sinthia said...

wow! loved everything I've seen till now. baby is standing out in all scenes. I'm too satisfied with his acting. He's doing better than I expected!!Hope there's eng sub soon!!

Anonymous said...

baby...he's doing a great job...:)
so proud of him....^_^

sarangyo said...

Baby's got talent. he was good considering this is his first drama