Monday, January 30, 2012

[Article] Kyu Jong Showed Different Charm in 'Dream Team'

I have posted below this article the video from yesterday's broadcast of Dream Team where you can see the interview of Kyu Jong which the article below has written about.

Much thanks to xiaochu of Quiante501 for sharing this translation on their forum.

Btw, when I saw this video yesterday, I cannot help but notice and be proud of Kyu Jong as he was able to hurdle the challenge when we all know that he's afraid of height.


[News] Kim KyuJong Insanity at ‘Snow Ride’? Where is his usual calm self~
Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Kim KyuJong makes a hot topic when he was totally immersed in the filming with another mindset instead of his usual image which is gentle and friendly.

Kim KyuJong participated in the filming of KBS 2TV ‘Go Dream Team 2’, showed signs of insanity (?) when faced with the competition in the mid of the ski mountain slope.

On that day in the ‘Snow Race’ special, the race was made up of getting down the slope with a sleigh using a running tube which was regularly used in Dream Team races.

Kim KyuJong said “This is probably the fastest ride I have in my whole life. My view was just like a merry-go-round.” Seeing his distracted image, which is a total opposite of his usual calm self, evokes laughter.

Despite his own fear, he went for the competition and earnestly participated in it more than anyone else, showing yet another different charm of his.

Ricky Kim, Mighty Mouth (Sangchu, Shorry), Lee JuHyun, Yeo HongChul, Jung BumKyun, Lee SangHo, Kim DongJun (Z:EA), Tim, Song YoungGil, Kim KyuJong, Norazo (JoBin, LeeHyuk), MyName (SaeYong, GunWoo), Sung DaeHyun, HoIk (DoubleA), ShiHo, Choi SungJo, Park JaeMin, etc, 20 hot male stars forgot about the cold and participated in the thrilling speed competition in Dream Team.


I am shoving here again the video that I posted yesterday where we can see Kyu Jong's screen time during yesterday's broadcast of 'Let's Go! Dream Team'. Thanks to for uploading in her YT channel. As the uploader requested, please DO NOT re-upload in any streaming sites including YT.

And here is a fancam from the filming of the show courtesy of . Everyone seems to have returned to their childhood days as they play fun games from the show.


slimz1808 said...

haa... i was wondering how he would overcome his fears when fancams/fan pict of the filming of this episode first came out ..
rem in Coward MV shoot he was relying on HJL .. haa... and they did a short interview with kyu then re the shooting ...
looks like kyu is now really a grown up man ^^

sinthia said...

I like to see him interacting with other idols. He indeed seems very excited doing this show! >.<
Actually Kyu is a crazy competitor if he's enjoying the game. I still remember how determinate he was doing wonderful outing with Park Kyung Lim in 2008. Loved that show, he was daebak then! ^^

ping0119 said...

I was afraid for Kyu when I first learnt what the game was about. The speed of the snowtube seemed so fast! He must have been very nervous...
Nonetheless I'm proud that Kyu completed the game safely ^^
He is so cute with the Mongolian hat and seems like a little excited kid in the game XD