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[Trans] Hyung Jun's 'The Daily Focus' Interview

Finally the article that I saw last night and shared photos here of the interview of Hyung Jun has been translated and shared by xiaochu at Quainte501. Much much thanks xiaochu!

Hyung Jun has always been the member with the goal that is always so big. I like him for this. He's not afraid and he makes his goal as his motivation.


[News] Kim HyungJun “Finally I am also acting, 2012 is my year!”
Credits : (Words by Lee YoonKyung, Photo by Jung SunShik) + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Kim HyungJun

First step into acting with drama ‘She’s completely insane’
Study on a mix of topstar Dok GoJin, Osaka
Aims to get 1st with a solo album in later half of the year

“Though it is a cable TV drama, it is so interesting that you will want to try to watch it. Seems like finally, my turn has come.” Singer Kim HyungJun (25) wants to show this side of himself. A daring and full of confidence image, his forever cute SS501’s magnae image has disappeared.

Even though he’s nervous over it, Kim HyungJun’s first step in drama acting as KangMin in KBS drama ‘She’s completely insane’, is light yet dignified. “Looking at the other members debut as a actors through the times, it made me secretly want to do it too. Finally, I had this great opportunity for acting, it feels like the pressure that was pressing on my chest was completely released.”

In this drama, he acts as topstar KangMin, who is in a love triangle between broadcast writer Jeon JiHyun (So YiHyun) and variety star PD Noh YongWoo (Park KwangHyun). Fortunately, there are a lot of similarities between KangMin and himself thus there is no big difficulties while acting. “Acting is really fun and I feel excited everyday going to the filming scene.” Kim HyungJun said while grinning from ear to ear.

“In the script, KangMin is written as a snobbish top star. So I took into account the prickly yet arrogant character of Dok GoJin (Cha SeungWon) from ‘Greatest Love’ and cunning yet attentive side of Osaka (Yoon SangHyun) in ‘Secret Garden’. I also did many observations. You can look forward to Kim HyungJun’s brand of acting as a top star.”

Even though it is difficult as this is his first time acting, he feels reassured as there are colleagues who help him along. So YiHyun and Park KwangHyun, who ‘specializes in romantic comedy’, takes care of magnae Kim HyungJun like their own brother at the filming scene.

“I was worried about being an idol-turned-actor and getting into a new field, but I am thankful that everyone treats me like a family. Especially YiHyun noona who explains one thing or another to me in details. A few days ago, I was filming the scene where I fainted and grabbed YiHyun’s hand, noona is Hercules. (laughs) She looks pretty and easy-going but her hands are extremely strong. My face which got slapped was burning. It became red and swelled up later, because it seems like it was bruised.”

Standing in front of the public as SS501 in 2005, this year marks his 7th year of debut. He was the magnae among the members and was in charge of cuteness at that time, but now he is already in his mid-twenties. Even though he, as a singer, already possessed popularity that rule over Asia, he could only watch over the other members by their side when they challenged into other fields such as drama, musical, etc. An actor’s dream can be as big as he dream, thus he grew even more attached to the drama ‘She’s completely insane’.

“While watching (Kim) HyunJoong hyung in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, I thought to myself ‘I can also do it well’. I had opportunities to act thereafter but it just brushes past every time. Seems like finally, my turn has come. Popularity is something that comes and goes. I have a strong hunch that this year will be my year. Hahaha.”

While acting, he wanted to have local activities to his heart’s content which he couldn’t have done it for the time being. Even so, he didn’t think of giving up music. This man full of desire set a goal to grab the two hares, music and acting, perfectly this year. Firstly, he will work hard in acting for the first half of the year and receive good appraisals for it, then he wants to win the first place in music charts with a solo album in the later half of the year.

“Thinking back, last year was an eventful year but I couldn’t remember what I actually did. I think it just pass by to nothing. On the first morning in the New Year, for some reasons, it was refreshing. In 2012, I will gain a foothold where I will be able to jump a step forward on my own. I must become a dragon and rise to the sky. (laugh)”

War movies are my cup of tea...

He had a deep impression while watching movie ‘My Way’ by Jang DongGun and Odakiri Jo not long ago, and setting his eyes on not only drama but also movies. Kim HyungJun sputtered away saying “War movies are my cup of tea”.

“I watched the movie and felt the joy. I really want to act in war movies. Jang DongGun and Odakiri Jo acted really well in it. Even though I haven’t went for my military service yet, I want to try acting in (war movie) for once, thinking of it as a rehearsal for me. I think it will show the real man image of Kim HyungJun properly.”


Anonymous said...

Oh, so the solo decision of Leader is good for HJB.
In SS501, all invitations for CF, films focused on Leader, others had no chances.
Hope HJB can get the success as Leader.
But my love is only for Leader.

Anonymous said...

"2012 is my year" -yeah!!! go for it baby...tripleS will always support you...Hwaiting!!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

They can only go so far as a group. Going solo gives each member a chance to shine. No one is under anyone's shadow. Wether they become the next "top star" is up to their own abilities. It's fair game now. :)

Back to topic - He's challenging more things now and it's great to see. He doesn't have to keep up with that cute image that he had as the baby of SS501. It gets old after awhile. He's 24/25 now so it's good that he's moving away from that image. And what better way to do it than a love scene. LOL Too bad they will be editing the scene. Good luck to him in 2012.

Anonymous said...

fair game ?!
if he can cast in a different drama ;
if he plays in a better musical ;
if his agency choose him the more suitable songs & dancing style ;
he might have gained more

Anonymous said...

It's fair game in that they get to now choose the work that they want to do. Wether their company can get them good work or the promotion that they need, it's between them and their company. They chose the company themselves. There's no one to blame. And there's no way anyone can tell if a drama, movie, musical or song will be succesful. The public dictates that.