Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Unsubbed] EP4 of Hyung Jun's 'Glowing She' 01.21.12

For those who are following 'Glowing She' even on the unsubbed video just like me, here is EP4 for your viewing pleasure. Much thanks to Prettyboyjun2 for always providing the link to watch it in full.

For those who might have missed it, English sub of EP1 is already available for viewing. You may click HERE to watch.

I am off to watch EP4 now to see cute Nicky Kang Min once again. (that's just unbelievable! thanks Anonymous for the correction^_^)


Anonymous said...

Nicky?! Are you talking about Kyu Jong? Hyung Jun is Kang Min. Anyway, thanks for posting!

liezle said...

oh geez, HUGE blooper. thanks 10:44 for correcting me.


Anonymous said...

WOW thank you're a life savior.
Its great I can watched it without subb,but this is my first drama without subbs why is so unpopular i just don't understand.
I only i knew korean better than
some obvious words LOL
take care and gambatte.^^