Thursday, January 26, 2012

[Article] Police Station Scene of Kyu Jong & Luna

Whoa! I think in the next episode of 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' will going to be exciting. I am anticipating.

Much thanks to cll_slam10 for the translation of this article on her blog which makes me look forward to the next episode.


[Trans] 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' Luna Kim Kyu Jong, Prior Starting Romance Went To Police Station?
Source: Chosun TV REPORT
Chinese Trans:
Eng Trans:
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The pictures of F(x) Luna and SS501 Kim Kyu Jong both appear in the police station aroused the curiosity of netizens.

On 25th Chosun TV weekend drama 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' production company disclosed Luna and Kim Kyu Jong pictures where they were being brought to the police station for investigation.

Production staff said, "Go Bong Shil (acted by Kim Hae Sook) maknae daughter Seo In Young (acted by Luna) working in a convenience store, and practicing singing & dancing in the night but working as a delivery man in the day musical actor Nicky (acted by Kim Kyu Jong), due to a serious matter that happened which is not humorous was being brought to the police station together.

These two from their hostile 1st meeting to loggerheads, being brought to the police station together, starting the growth of their feelings towards each other.

Production staff stated, "Although the two always bicker with each other, but after the police station incident they started to grow fond of each other", "Luna and Kim Kyu Jong both will show their fondness to each other, please anticipate.

On the other hand on 28th 7.50pm KST 'Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil' will tell the reason why Luna and Kim Kyu Jong were being brought to the police station.

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