Monday, February 06, 2012

[Article] Hyun Joong Thanked Fans for the Success of his Japanese Debut

Never doubted about the success of Hyun Joong's debut in Japan. Even prior to his debut his been getting a lot of success already in the land of the rising sun. He'll have more of this in the coming years and he'll be able to realize his dream of having a concert at the Dome.

Much thanks to jbarky for this news on Soompi.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong Thanks Fans for Successful Beginning of Japanese Debut
by: jbarky / Soompi News

Kim Hyun Joong gave thanks for the successful beginning of his Japanese debut. On February 5 Kim Hyun Joong held a live concert celebrating his debut and it held 20,000 fans. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “My Japanese debut single ‘Lucky Guy’ had 10,000 sales in its first week. Thank you for giving me such a good result even though I am just a rookie. Thank you for all of the support.”

He continued, “I am sad that I wasn’t able to meet all the 60,000 fans that signed up for the concert. However I will try to have a memorable experience with the 20,000 fans that are here right now.”

Kim Hyun Joong donated all of the profits from the concert to an orphanage. He stated, “I hope that I can be at least a little bit of help. If you have any extra time please spend it for the children."


Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong has such a 'Golden Heart' and that's why I never regret supporting him in his activities. Can't wait for my Japanese albums to arrive.

Anonymous said...

There's an error in this article...he achieved over 100,000 sales in the first week, not 10,000.

Anonymous said...

My prince.
You are now the King.
I cannot stop loving and supporting you.

Anonymous said...

I find myself loving him more and more each day (didn't think that was possible). LOL He's really an angel.

Lucky Guy (Japanese Version) MV

sinthia said...

ooooh so sweeeeet! *.*
I wish I could be there.
Kim Hyun Jung fighting!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hyun Joong.
You are the best solo artist.
You prove that you can sing well, dance perfectly.
Many fans love and support you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he definitely has a golden heart..
love u more n more ^^

Anonymous said...

Our prince hyunjoong, you are an angel from heaven. God will give you all the blessings wherever you go. Hwaiting, KHJ!!!

Anonymous said...

Fans thank Hyun Joong too for his hard working and perfect albums.

Anonymous said...

no one cant replace your place what KHJ did.............what a golden person .............LOVE U SO MUCH KHJ