Tuesday, February 07, 2012

[Article] Jung Min Worked Hard to Learn Chinese

Another article that mentions about dubbing Jung Min's voice. But this one also talks about how hard he worked learning to speak Chinese.

Again, heaps of thanks to RoyalPJM for another translation shared on their blog.

[News] Park Jung Min studied Chinese diligently, mischievously turned into a reporter
Source: Liberty Times
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
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Korean group SS501′s member Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to film for CTV drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Although he kept saying that Chinese is difficult, actors around him praised that he is a fast-learner and can even end the line with Chinese so that the actor who is acting with him will know where he end. However, because he mixed Korean and Chinese together, he often forgot his line and thus Park Jung Min was honoured as the ‘NG King’.

‘Fondant Garden’ crew made lantern to celebrate Lantern Festival yesterday. Park Jung Min who is from Korea shows off his Chinese and during the interview, he playfully became the reporter and asked questions in Chinese. Although Jung Min puts in effort in learning Chinese, his voice will be dubbed when the drama broadcast. He admits that he is worried about the dubbing and expressed that he will personally request the person who will be dubbing his voice to help him.


Anonymous said...

i dont like his voice being dubbed...i want to hear his own voice..he work hard for it....

Park RayRay said...

Anon 8:08, I fully AGREED! It's like what's d point of him working so hard to learn d language right? :(

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of his but I also wish that they wouldn't dub his voice. That would take away from his hard work and his acting.

I hope his drama does well since he spent almost 1/2 a year there - time he could have used to promote in Korea/Japan/or wherever. Good luck to him.

sinthia said...

Actually, Jung Min was the NG King in double s' days too! >.<
ounn our minnie is really so smart and hardworker, doing some questions in chinese is really very difficult. It's incredible he can do it despite the very short time he has been learning it!

it's a pity he will be dubbed, I really was hoping hear his chinese...t.t But still, i'll be anticipating his drama so much! hope it be a huge success. ^^

Anonymous said...

what on earth are they thinking?!

i really hope they won't dub his voice! it would be a huge mistake on their part!