Thursday, February 02, 2012

[Trans] Hyun Joong Mobile Update

Another translation has just been posted by tzeyin28 on her FB which I am shoving here. Thanks again!


[Trans] 29/01/12 Hyun Joong – Japan official mobile site update
Source: KHJ Japan official mobile site
Chinese translation: wing @ Magic賢 (
English translation: tzeyin28 @

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(2012/1/29 DA staff T)

Hello everyone, I’m DA’s staff “T”.

Kim Hyun Joong took some time out of his crazily busy schedule and made a surprise appearance at Tower Records, Shibuya (a music chain store in Japan) and Yamano Gakki, Ginza.

It’s a last-minute decision, therefore we didn’t manage to inform you of it. However, a lot of fans still arrived at the venue upon hearing the news. Even Kim Hyun Joong himself was kind of dumbfounded too.

The exhibition at Tower Records, Shibuya will remain open until January 31st while another one at Yamano Gakki, Ginza has been extended until February 6th.

Everyone please go and take a look!

Furthermore, (Kim Hyun Joong) will be a guest on “Music Japan” tonight at 6:10pm. Don’t forget to turn on your TV and tune in to the channel~


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Why do you like using the word 'shoving'?

Anonymous said...

I was at tower records in shibuya last week ahhhhhhhhhh!