Thursday, March 01, 2012

[Article & Vid] Jung Min Almost Fell Into Depression

Much thanks once again to RoyalPJM for translating and sharing this translation on their blog.

I guess I was not wrong in assuming that Jung Min felt homesick when he was in Taiwan despite the showering of love by the fans.


[News] Park Jung Min Hallyu Star Becoming Autistic While Filming In Taiwan, Childhood Game Painting Wooden Boxes To Hide Loneliness
Source: Apple Daily
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Park Jung Min of Korean Boy Group SS501 who is currently 24 years old is still a playful child, although he does not have any professional training in drawing, he loves to paint/draw whenever he is free. He, who will greet everyone with a smiling face, revealed that when he first came to Taiwan to film CTV’s “Fondant Garden” he felt lonely often, often will hide in the hotel room to draw to soothe his emotions, he showed a wooden box with drawings of Flamingo on it, very colorful, very interesting.

Park Jung Min once revealed that he does not wish the other members of SS501 to watch his drama, he is also not used to watch their dramas, because he will be shy, but of course he hopes that the viewers in Taiwan will support him, that is why he drew very seriously “ Must Watch Oh”, showing his Chinese that he has been learning very hard. Following that he took out another box, on it was a drawing of a Flamingo, he says initially he wanted to draw a Lily, because of passion, the Lily from white color became a Flamingo which is red in color.

Working in Foreign Land, Almost Fell Into Depression

Park Jung Min often display Sexiness on stage, but in private he is just like a mischievous boy, even the producer of “Fondant Garden” Angie Chai describes him as “Unusual Handsome Guy”. But from his portrait of himself with the title “ Future Me”, with grey hair and blue eyes, it seems like he has acknowledged himself to be a pretty boy sub-consciously. In contrast, the Female Lead Jian Man Shu that he drew turned out to be a scary looking ugly duckling, he even wrote “Mi En is so ugly”, but he laugh and says that he is on very good terms with Jian Man Shu, so she will not take it to heart.

On the surface always bright and cheerful, Park Jung Min came to Taiwan last year, during the free time when preparing for the filming of the drama, as he is working in a foreign land, he almost fell into depression. He says that at that time, the only person/thing that can talk to him, is a sculpture of a elephant, everyday when he return to his room, he will even talk to the elephant, like “ I am back”, he even drew on the body of the elephant, and gave it a name “ The Power of Love”. He later donated the elephant to charity, the Elephant was donated to Thailand, he even feels a little lonely cause of it.

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Alex said...

Colouring wooden boxes and talking to a china elephant >>> like a child with autism, Jung Min ah :))

There are so many thoughts, emotions, worries hidden under his smiling & shiny face, keu namja...

Anonymous said...

Talking to an elephant,i don`t know whether to laugh or to be heartpain.

I think it`s particularly hard for a talkative person like Jung Min not being able to talk with somebody.Sometimes it makes my heart pain seeing him smiling even when he goes through hardtimes,it`s like he`s always smiling and then I wonder what does he really feel like.

Anonymous said...

I think Angie chai is strange and Jungmin needs help seriously cause he is keeping to himself all the problems he may have....CNR please take care of jungmin.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

1:59 lol wow the only pathetic person is you.
I hope everything is alright with jungmin..we shouldn't judge him because we don't everything that is happening to him.

I'm kinda glad that he is confessing how he feels than to keeping it to himself.

Maria said...

Wow that comment was a bit harsh(pathetic Jung Min). I guess since you, have never traveled alone to a different country you would'nt know how hard it can be for a person huh! Geez anyway, I'm glad he is back home with his family who love him and will take good care of him! I think his drama is pretty funny. He looks so adorable in it! Thank you for sharing this story with us, who do not speak their language

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly extremely worried about him. I'm glad he is home with his family and friends, because I would fell the depression behind his smiles. Jungmin's always been the more emotional of the group, and to see him down hurts me a lot, especially because he always makes sure to smile.
I just hope there is always someone there for him, be it Baby or a family member or anyone. I'm not even going to utter what went through my mind about his condition. I just want him to be okay.

Anonymous said...

@1:41*heartpain* I could really feel his sadness behind those smiles, could really see in those eyes... I hope he would find 'somebody' to really take care of him. Also glad that he's home in Korea.

sinthia said...

poor minnie... T.T
I'm also about to feel this very soon...
Hope at least his drama do a big success! Jung Min fighting!