Sunday, March 13, 2011

03.12 to 13.11 S/Tweets Treats

Tweets from Saturday to yesterday are consolidated in this post. Much much thanks to xiaochu for doing the translation on Quainte501.

Steven Lee mentioned Hyun Joong. Curious why? Go and read the translation below.


[Trans] 03.12.11 S/Tweets Treats

Korean English translation by xiaochu @
2011-03-12 @ 5:15pm

Re-post with full credits.

seanalexander23 @2kjdream just watched the @HyungJun87 "Girl" music video... i love it!

2011-03-12 @ 9:49pm
mystyle1103 I am praying that there will not be any more damages~ Strive on, Japanese!!


[Trans] 03.13.11 S/Tweets Treats
Korean English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-03-13 @ 7:41am
Steven_Lee_ I haven't read any manga b4, but I'm starting 'One Piece' from today. Big thanks to Hyunjoong ^^ Now I have things to do @ home in seoul lol

2011-03-13 @ 7:59am
Steven_Lee_ I'm in Seoul now, working on some great albums

2011-03-13 @ 2:30pm
HyungJun87 oh ah


Anonymous said...

i wonder if steven lee is collaborating with hyun joong on his new album... love steven lee's brotherhood/friendship with all members of ss501!

Anonymous said...

i am touched by the messages posted by the boys....

albums not album....hmmmm YS and KHJ? or is it for other singers..

knowing the closeness of the 5 to their hyung, could it be possible that they've met up already? as a group or as an individual...? hmmmm your guess is as good as mine...

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling he's in korea for both guys...from his tweet it's obvious he got a copy of the manga he's reading from HJL. looking forward tot he albums of the two, i'm sure we can expect them to comeout with great stuff. HJB and PJM both came out with really good songs though timing isn't so good because of circumstances beyond their control.