Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inkigayo Stage of Hyung Jun 02.13.11

'oH! aH' was just performed by Hyung Jun over at Inkigayo.

What else can I say but of course another wonderful peformance from Hyung Jun again. Really like the footwork of the dance steps specially the lifting. Likewise, Hyung Jung is so charmingly cute shooting that smile on the camera.

Much thanks to for the fast upload of the vid on YT.

Btw, I throw this question on Twitter, is it me or there is always something different in his performing 'oH! 'aH!? Dance steps? Musical arrangement? Really can't pinpoint. Actually I was just toying with the idea that Hyung Jun can do a lot different ways to showcase to us this song be it the musical arrangement or dance steps.



realisticgal_in-no-sense said... usual, great performance.
i don't know liezlie, i cant spot any differences in his performances. all i realised was that his FIRST performance of this song, i think it was on MCountdown, was live, but the rest are slightly live. lol. if that makes sense...
baby has so much potential, sometimes, i'm glad they (all of the SS members) have this time to show it off...

Anonymous said...

Hi Liezle! Since I'm Jun's bias, every single one of his performance I watch about a dozen time.hehehe The ending of each performance is a little bit different. The main difference is that for M!Countdown and MuCore they cut about 25 seconds of the song. The second rapping part where Jun dances with the male dancers is not there. MuBank and Inkigayo show the full song.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes he doesn't perform the whole song. There have been two performances where the second rap part is left out. I guess it just depends on how much time he is given. Also the start of the dance was changed once and sometimes he changes how he ends the dance.

Hyung Jun did a great performance but I'm getting annoyed at comments (not here, other sites) that keep saying his performance is similar to Taeyang's 'I need a girl'. I checked that performance and besides the fact they both dance with a girl none of the steps are the same. Anyone who has followed Hyung Jun knows this style of dance is similar to 'I am' and 'Hey G' which were both choreographed before Taeyang's performance. Sorry for the rant.

liezle said...

Hi hi Anonymous with the long posts. Thank you so much! So it's not only me who noticed. ^_^ At least there is you to shed light on it. ^_^ Really thank you.

I'm amazed with your ability to spot the difference. You must really be a HJB bias. Well, congratulations to you too as he's really doing great with his solo and I am loving his album. Can't wait to get hold of my own copy.

Yeah, I read the comments, but let them and don't let other comments bother you. That's their take. Sometimes fans just write anything they want to write without much thinking or just to piss someone.

Anyway, I'm happy really for HJB.


Anonymous said...

read a lot of hate comments about baby's single debut "oh AH" on allkpop, someone said there his single falls to #80 0_o and they said he wouldn't make it on the top chart!

Anonymous said...

i dunno why, but every performance i always waiting until " oh molla ottokae" part and then I always smiling because of baby's cuteness.. :)
He always smiling in that part..

Anonymous said...

As long we triple s know that hyungjun has great potential and that his new album is epic..that's all that matters..ignore the haters..they don't know talent when they see it. Also, there might be similarities in terms of the video concept nd dancng with the girl,the songs are completely different so the fact that peole are comapring him to big bang is absurd. I mean it's not like big bang is the first band to dance with girls..jeez.I agree with anonymous at 4:36 pm that hjb danced with girls even before taeyang did..anyway
hyungjun fighting!

Chara said...

Only had time to check all the perf of Baby now... 어떻게 I'm too busy... T_T

Well, in my opinion Inki-perf was the best one of all the Debut-Performances. Really liked the stage and only here I realized he is actually rapping (Don't know, I missed this out in other performances.) But makes sense. If they don't show the full song every time... ^^'

And to add to the "oh ah" discussion. I think it's a good song. It's definitely catchy and a light tune to get your mood up.
But I think 'Girl' is even better...

Anonymous said...

anon 11:21 agree, hyung jun has a great potential..

I don't understand why they're comparing him with Big Bang, the similarity is not even obvious.

Those Big Bang and Secret fans jealous of him because Allkpop gave a perfect score for Oh AH, 5/5 .

Anonymous said...

on the comparison between the other guy (who belongs to another group)and HJB's similarities in the choreography: dont be upset, smile:) choreography and the tempo of songs will really have is what's in and current..ive watched other boy groups and trust me, their songs and dances even their faces look similar :)

its just to us, SS501 is/will always be the best, original and total idol performers and the rest, just disregard them as nothing

and oh yeah oh1ah! is catchy:) (A)

Anonymous said...

This is anon@4:36
You're welcome.:) Yep, I'm a HJB bias. I like all the members but he's definitely my favorite.

Regarding the negative comments, I should be good now. I had my rant and the irritation is out of my system. For now. :)

anon@6:28, as a HJB bias, I'm still aware that majority of SS501 popularity comes from HJL. HJB is popular but he doesn't have the huge fanbase that would make him an instant hit on his own. He's slowly going to make his way up the charts and increase his popularity. I see this period as setting the foundation for a long and successful career.

Sorry for the long posts. I just can't help myself.

Faith Quah said...

hm..i'm a SS501 fan. Yes HJB is talented that's why i feel that he could do more than this "oh ah" =_=" aish, miss his performance in doubleS TT
I do feel it has the similarities with the other group member performance, well ottoke....~
I think PJM "Not Alone" is better^_^

Anonymous said...

Faith Quah

Oh Ah is a unique song in my opinion, PJM "not Alone" has a good meaning and more to K-PoP or J-POP thing.
This is why Allkpop gave perfect score 5/5 for OH AH..

Veith said...

Sorry for the late reaction...I was at the recording studio that time, I'm telling you that he sung live and pitch perfect. This is a pre-recorded number, he shot it 3 times. Maybe its because of editing that made it look like its not done live.
Side note: its my first time seeing HJB in person...Gosh! he looks hot and very friendly to his fans :)

Anonymous said...

@anon9:56/6:28 yeah,his struggle for achieving his dream inspiring me much..
hard working boy,, who wont love him?! :)

@Faith Quah..
You have to listen Oh Ah more so you can addict of it :)

I'm HJB bias, but first i listened Oh Ah, i dont like it, better JM' song.
The second time, the same, not really like, the third time starting like, the forth time starting love it, then the next time until now, I'm so addicted with it.
it's uncountable how many times i listened to it.

But both of our tom-jerry has daebak performance and song of course :)