Friday, March 11, 2011

[Article] Jung Min wearing Mark Jacobs outfit

Thanks to Slam for doing translation of this article from Apple News on her blog. After reading this article

I was not surprise to learn that Jung Min buys expensive stuff for himself (well actually all of them are brand conscious). But honestly, amongst the members of SS501 i always think that JM is the hardest to find what to give as present. I can always think of something for the other members but for JM it's either i give him something or none at all. There was a time that I ended up just giving gift for his mom. ^^


[Trans] Park Jung Min Changed From Sporty Outfit To MBMJ, Handsome & Lean Looks Exploding
Chinese to English Trans:
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Member of Korean group SS501, Park Jung Min launched his new album "NOT ALONE", also preparing to start shooting a drama in Taiwan, looking like a flower boy, privately he loves wearing loose-fitting sports outfits, he said laughingly 'I am lazy.' After changing into the Spring/Summer collections from MARC BY MARC JACOBS(MBMJ), he turned from a young lively lad into a prince resulting the fans screaming.

When Park Jung Min stepped into the studio, he used mandarin to greet all the staff there, although there are more than 10 people in his entourage & security, in addition with dozens of fans waiting outside the building braving the rain, which is astonishing! The staff at the studio commented that he is very cordial and doesn't put on any airs which is rare for artistes. Modern gentlemen and retro chic boy is the concept by MBMJ that they wanna shape for this spring and summer. Park Jung Min say that wife beater and jacket is the casual wear that is more of his usual self, he said he only start to be concern about his image was when during debuting period 'That time I am really put a lot of emphasis on my image, during work will be wearing different kind of costumes, outfits but privately I like to wear casually.' He expressed that he only took 2 minutes to prepare before going out, he continued with a laugh 'But still will choose nice sporty outfits to wear!'

Often bought stuff without thinking

He has MBMJ T-shirts, watches etc.. He said 'Once when I was in Hong Kong, I saw a knitted sweater which is on discount, thus I went into the shop to take a look, in the end the stuff that I bought are all not under discount cos those beautiful nice clothes are not under discount!' He admitted that he love shopping, said laughingly 'I often buy stuff without thinking, my stylist will always stop me, cos the stuff that I bought are always very expensive and impractical, my stylist is more practical, will help me to choose.' Regarding his album image, he too has alot of ideas, 1 of the member from his entourage said with a smile 'He is very willing to express his views.' Will you adopted his ideas? Answer 'Will be taken into consideration'.


Anonymous said...

Wish I bumped into him in Hong Kong :(

Anonymous said...

it's marc jacobs not mark jacob.

Anonymous said...

its silly but i am proud that each member are transforming fast to be the best: singer, dancer, performer, act, model, host, dj, endorser jjang! whew, i didnt realize they have expanded their "horizon so much :)

and yes, the members pamper themselves by using signatured brands-they can afford too and they deserve it!

thanks for sharing

sinthia said...

yeah, chic Jung Min!! He is really more concerned with image among members, although he has always shown a casual style as well. I like both styles, I think he looks good in both, always handsome! ^ ^