Friday, March 11, 2011

Hyung Jun's Music Bank Stage 03.11.12

I am having a very slow internet connection tonight and it is testing my patience. But after seeing tonight's performance of Hyung Jun on MuBank tonight my mood changed from grouchy me to smiley me.

Watch Hyung Jun's stage today as he performs 'oH! aH! on Music Bank. Thanks to for posting then following vids on her YT channel.


Anonymous said...

"i dont know, i dont know..."

yes, you know--oh!ah! daebak!!!!!

kim hyung joon jjang!!!!!

vote in mnet for him to be number 1....only small difference between him and no.1 holder bigbang

lets unite and buy/vote his album please

Anonymous said...

whoah what a pretty boy! HJB Fighting..!!!

sinthia said...

My baby is so so so so talented! His performance was perfect again, I really loved the song and choreography! =D

How I do to vote for him in Mnet?