Wednesday, March 09, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng's Interview with HotChili

Heaps heaps of thanks to Slam for doing the translation this long interview by HOT CHILI PAPER on Young Saeng and sharing on her blog. As Young Saeng is about to release his 1st solo album , here is an interesting read where Young Saeng talked about Summer & Love DVD, his upcoming album, his signing up with new company, on SS501, going solo and about himself and more.


[Scans & Trans] Heo Young Saeng's Interview In HOT CHILI PAPER 2011 (March Issue)
Translation from Korean to Chinese to English as labeled on the graphics

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nica said...

nice answers saenggie!!! love how he answers the questions!

Anonymous said...

really thank you very much slam for the translation and to Liezle for blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Kyu's so is Youngsaeng.

Anonymous said...

love the song 'all my love'. it is really a pity that they did not do it live for once. This is 1 of those songs that can prove, they have the talents besides good looks.

hope we get to see them doing it one day..

miss them.

Anonymous said...

Saengie's responses shows a reserved, witty and astute person^^

as early as todate, let ALL green peas/tripleS unite to support Young Saeng's solo album^^

i love this man^^

thanks liezle and Slam (A)

Anonymous said...

Nice answer YS...haha

especially the statement below

"recent discovery of a girl and true meaning of love? how would i know all this?" lol

as if YS knows all..tsk tsk tsk

Good Job YS. you are so clever.:-)

Anonymous said...

really love this interview..thanks so much liezle for posting and to slam for the english trans.

can really feel youngsaeng's honesty in answering all questions that were given to him. i always thought that YS is a very deep person. you would really have to spend time to get to know him to really know his true personality, which you will love even more. he's also very funny! "you should go and try shaking 1500 people hands!" - LOL!

i wish for the success of YS' solo album and of course for the other member's solo album as well. im confident that they will all do well! SS501 fighting!!

czakhareina said...

"TOP start after 3 years.."

so girls boys and all triple S, lets make that happen

Anonymous said...

from Jap. to Kor. to Chi. to Eng.! thank you to all the translators for sharing the SS501 love to fans of all nationalities!
this is a really long, enjoyable interview. in addition to his deep thoughts and feelings, i love when YS shows his irreverent humor side. and i can't wait to see his cool dance side in his new album! also, i wish we could someday see his photo diary published and SS501 performing "All My Love" acapella live. ^^
thanks a bunch, cllslam10! & liezle!