Wednesday, March 09, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong and Lee Na Young for coupang

Heaps of thanks Imane for shoving this article posted on AllKPop.

How can a CF goes wrong with two of the top endorsers are in it. Lee Na Young and Kim Hyun Joong for Coupang will surely only make Coupang's sales go up.


[Article] Lee Na Young and Kim Hyun Joong are nicknamed “the superior couple”
Lifted from AllKPop

Lee Na Young and Kim Hyun Joong got nicknamed as the “superior couple”, thanks to their good looks.
The two stars were paired to endorse a CF for ‘Coupang‘, in which they play two characters from a ’90s animation series called “Galaxy Railways 999“.
Although they’re both spokesmodels for ‘Coupang’, they were brought together for the first time through this recent video shoot. Still, staff on set report that they created great chemistry, and worked well together.
A rep on set said, “This ad will feature Korea’s best lovebird couple. Their synergy will be felt by our consumers.”
Stay tuned for an update with their CF!


Anonymous said...

what a good look couple! they fit very well together.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Can't wait for the CF
They look beautiful together kekeke

Anonymous said...

he looks really really really really good here!!! and of all the girls he's been paired with recently, personally just based on these 2 photos alone, i like how he looks with lee na young best ^^ Looking forward to the cf!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow hyunjoong looks good with all his female co model but i like the lady (forgot her name)in the faceshop ad.They both look soo young in that ad.

Anonymous said...

Yes they look good together,HJ really looks soooo good when he is not stressed out and when he is well rested.Maybe this is what soccer does to him .

HJ has a magical way of pairing well with anyone.