Friday, March 11, 2011

M4's 'My Love' MV feat Young Saeng & Baseball Team

Yesterday the music video of Korean group M4's 'My Love' which was recorded last February 24 with Young Saeng and members of their baseball team came out with two versions.

Here are the two versions of the music video uploade by on her YT channel. Thanks much!

From the video you can see that Young Saeng seems to be the youngest in the team. And he is soooo cute doing the monotonous movement. ^_^

My Love Friendship Version


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! so cute saengie!!!

Anonymous said...

lol! cute YS never fails to amuse me

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Good Job YS!
I like the song and the video:-)

Yunica said...

isit young saeng the one who hit the ball at the beginning of the 2nd mv? <3