Friday, March 11, 2011

03.11.11 S/Tweet Treats

Today's tweet translation is here. Thanks to xiaochu for sharing on Quainte501.

Happy to read once again Kyu Jong tweeting in English. Read his translation of his tweets below for Sean Alexander. Hee, and I like it that he is kinda promoting Hyung Jun to Sean.

[Trans] 03.11.11 S/Tweet Treats
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-03-11 @ 3:13am
Estella816 Kya~you're so excited TT. Daebak! It's already daebak! "@HyungJun87: Finally, fired off my first solo album~nice nice nice~ Daebak!!"

2011-03-11 @ 10:54am
HyungJun87 Today is Music Bank, let's run~

2011-03-11 @ 10:57am
2kjdream @HyungJun87 Run nicely and come back!!!!!^^

2011-03-11 @ 11:12am
HyungJun87 @Estella816 Noona, are you okay?

2011-03-11 @ 11:15am
HyungJun87 @2kjdream Do monitor
*watch his performance

2011-03-11 @ 11:37 AM
2kjdream @HyungJun87 I don't want to~~~~~ heehee Song and dance are all great!! Give me an autograph !!!!!!!

2011-03-11 @ 12:14pm
uridoori @HyungJun87 Ssyongssyongssyong!!! Album is good good!!!

2011-03-11 @ 12:59pm
sek0505 @HyungJun87 Wow please run ke

2011-03-11 @ 1:00pm
JUNGYEON1023 @HyungJun87 I will entertain you kekeke
xiaochu: I dont know what he meant by ÀÏ´¢ÀÏ¿î though

2011-03-11 @ 2:11pm
HyungJun87 @2kjdream See you at the fan sign event tomorrow~ heuheu

2011-03-11 @ 3:44pm
KBSWorldTV [Ambush Mubank greenroom] just finished interviews with KWILL&Kimhyungjun!

2011-03-11 @ 5:04pm
2kjdream @seanalexander23 sean! remember him ?! ma member Hyungjun! release his first solo album!so nice!! i except the to be album successful !!

2011-03-11 @ 5:06pm
2kjdream @seanalexander23 title is " oh ah "

2011-03011 6 hours ago
seanalexander23 @2kjdream awesome! I hope the album is very successful! You guys should perform @ the Hollywood Bowl in LA again this year :)


Anonymous said...

hmm how come you didn't include sean's response to kyujong? he said they should go perform at hollywood bowl this year.

Anonymous said...

Kyu is so sweet like always!!!
I hope Kyu will appears at Jun's fanmeet 2moro..

Maknae looks so tired and skinny in that MuBank pic.. His eyes.. :( I hope he'll get enough rest..

Anonymous said...

who is sean alexander? i hope kyu could be there in his fan meet

maknae is sure busy!

liezle said...

hi 11:03. here is sean's twitter profile ~

seanalexander23 : I'm a Christian. I'm a Songwriter/Producer who's been blessed with #1 charting songs/albums in Asia. I also play guitar in the band Avenue 52. Check us out! :)

Anonymous said...

Just read Sean Alexander's discography in Wikipedia. He is responsible for writing/producing hits like TVQX mirotic, shinee's lucifer, ss501's love like this, etc...

sinthia said...

hahahaha so cute Kyu asking baby for an autograph. ^^

Anonymous said...

Is Sean Alexander a full-blooded Korean or of mixed blood? Keep hearing of him but not at all sure who he is... Anyway, good to know Kyu Jong-kyu is still communicating in English. Practise makes perfect!