Wednesday, March 09, 2011

M4's 'My Love' MV Teaser feat Y.S 17 & Members of their Baseball Team

On February 24, Young Saeng together with members of their baseball team went on field to give support by guesting in the MV recording of a group of Korean singers formed in 2010 with the name M4. Members of M4, Kim Won-jun, Bae Ki-sung, Lee Sae-jun and Choi Jae-hoon, are also members of the baseball team where Y.S 17 is playing.

Today, the teaser of M4's MV 'My Love' is out and shared the vid on her YT channel. Here's the vid, check it out!

Hee, all through the almost 2 minutes teaser my eyes were only looking for the cute be-dimpled members of SS501 who is wearing jersey Y.S 17. ^^


Anonymous said...

i saw him.. with the yellow glove..^^

Anonymous said...

my eyes strained so much looking for hum^^ i saw YS 17 more or less 6x in this vid and it was a split second far shot not close up but i still love it.... (A)