Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Media Pix] Hyung Jun's 'Girl' Perf in M! Countdown 03.10.11

Heaps of thanks to iamsom for tweeting these photos of Hyung Jun from different portals during his performance today for 'Girl' at M! Countdown.

Hyung Jun 1st stage was 'Girl' and finished it off with 'oH! aH!'.

His performance was really great and could see the satisfaction showing on his face especially at the end. TripleS especially his fans surely gave him an awesome support for this comeback.

Here are the pix...


Anonymous said...

his pics from KyuJong is better than his pics from osen!

sinthia said...

Baby was great!! His performance was awesome. I fell so happy for him.^^ He is really doing very well!!
Hyung Jun fighting!

Anonymous said...

his happiness and pride for his solo album radiates on his face :) he looks sooooo happy, at ease and comfortable on stage hence he really showed a better and improved kim hyung joon! thanks for sharing (A)