Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Article] Young Saeng's tweet on the news

[Trans] SS501 Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong 'Do We Look Like Idols?'

Last night Young Saeng had a tweet spree. Today he tweeted again and this time media caught it and made it to the news. Why is that so? Well, he tweeted a picture of him and Kyu Jong. Here's translation of the news as shared by Slam on her blog. Thanks!

Btw, as of this writing, Kyu Jong already replied to YS and even tweeted to Hyung Jun.



Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Kyu Jong looks funny here!! YS still keeps his idol image!^^

Anonymous said...

very mischievous of YS to share this funny photo :) YS was alright but mein gott! kyujong - kekeke your face is hilarious and your shirt is eye catching:)

thank you(A)