Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Audio] Live Singing of Hyung Jun & Kyu Jong @ Bestfriend on MBC FM4U

I was listening to NoHongChul's Bestfriend on MBC FM4U the whole time Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun were the guest tonight and it was enjoyable listening to them. As always, Hyung Jun overshadows a bit Kyu Jong because he's so talkative in which Kyu Jong acutally said so. But he's so used to it as we all know that and Kyu Jong (aside from Young Saeng) has always been the quiet type.

The two went to the live broadcast of Bestfriend to promote their respective albums, Kyu Jong for 'Turn Me On' and Hyung Jun for the re-package of his 1st solo album 'My Girl'. Both sang two live songs each and I am so glad that Kyu Jong for the very first time 'Get Ya Luv'. Oppsie... correction ^_^ ... (It's KJ's 2nd time singing 'Get Ya Luv' thanks to Anon 12AM for letting me know. As I posted on the comment box, I was in Seoul when he sang it at Cultwo and missed listening to it and wasn't able to share the video of that too here in my blog. So for those who failed to listed to it on Cultwo, click HERE to listen to it.)

Kyu Jong's singing voice has really improved a lot and the soft tone of his voice i think is too sexy for him. As for Hyung Jun, singing live is no different when you hear his CD. He really has an good singing voice.

체리윗 of SS601 recorded the live singing of Hyung Jun (though only 1 for him) and Kyu Jong and I am sharing here the links. Listen to them and you'll certainly fall inlove listening to them singing these songs.

To start listening, click the PLAY (►) button on the player.


Get Ya Luv



Anonymous said...

didnt kyujong sing "get your luv" on another radio show,cultwo(?) ?

liezle said...

hi 12am. Thanks for telling me that. Honestly it's my first time listening to KJ singing Get Ya Love and and tried checking my past posts I dont think I have it. It was the time I was in Seoul so I wasn't able to listen to it and post. Thanks again. Now, I am listening to it on YT. ^^


Anonymous said...

ur welcome^^ actually i think he sang on another program as well. maybe it was on shim shim tapa around 6th(?) of this month.

ping0119 said...

Kyu also sang Get Ya' Luv on Shim Shim Tapa (111007) ^^

sinthia said...

It's just me, or someone else can't see the players?
I really wanna listen them singing... =\

Tya said...

Same here Sinthia, I can't see the players too T^T