Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[FanCam] Hyun Joong & Kyu Jong @ Inkigayo 10.23.11

During the live broadcast of Inkigayo last Sunday we didn't see on screen Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong together to our disappointment. But do you think that fans would just let that happen? Of course not. A fancam of them is already circulating and has been posted on several video streaming.

Here is a video of Hyun Joong and Kyu Joong during the announcement of winners which was shared on Sorry but I do not have the name to whom I should give credit to to this. Anyway, much much thanks for the capture and sharing. Thanks as well to martha0606 for sending this in my email.

YT version uploaded by . Thanks to czak for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Hy liezle.... here is the YT link of the vid:
cr: youngstars710 + crazy501 + 疯靡501

- czak

liezle said...

heaps of thanks czak for the link. ^^ YT is much easier for most viewers.


Anonymous said...

kkj and khj so cool...