Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Pix & Trans] Kyu Jong Selca on ThankYU 10.26.11

I saw this on Lois' blog and I cannot help myself not posting this as well here. Much much thanks Lois' for sharing this on your blog.

Yesterday, admin of ThakYU shared this staff report. A selca of Kyu Jong when a staff asked him to do it. Yeah such a willing Kyu Jong and the selca pix are so cute.

Here is translation of the message on the photos. Btw, according to Lois' last photo was taken by his manager.

Korean to English translation by Lois /

"We asked Kyu Jong to take his photo by himself and the result was ...."
"Like this!!"
"He focused on the other things behind him. kekeke"

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sinthia said...

Playful Kyu. ^^
So cute our prince!! <3333