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Snippets from Bestfriend FM4U Guesting of Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun 10.25.11

Another hi5 to slimz1808 for providing us translation from the guesting of Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun at Bestfriend last Tuesday.

I had fun listening to the show but reading and understanding what they're talking about is even funnier. Laugh out loud even while reading. They're so funny and adorable!

Btw, I have embedded again the video just in case there are some who miss listening to the show.


Snippets from Bestfriend FM4U Guesting of Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun 10.25.11
Source :
English translation by slimz1808

note from slimz1808 : these are just snippets of the show which KYU's noted while listening to the show, doubt there will be a subbed version, enjoy ^^


HJB: is preparing for a drama
DJ: HJB looks so lonely during his music show (slimz1808: I suppose she meant his MuHigh)

HJB (random): Kyu is like a shadow, can float from places to places

HJB: went to KTV and sang Kyu’s song, everytime singing it twice and doing the suspender dance too

DJ: anything funny that happens on stage which only you (Kyu) know of?
Kyu: when he tugs at his suspender too hard/high during the dance, the back of his pants would keep coming/lifting up
HJB: says DJ noona’s face turned red all of sudden?!

Kyu (randomly says): I can impersonate Kim Jong Kook
HJB: why did you randomly mention this?
Kyu then sang his Yesteday using Kim's voice

Kyu: sang Lee Seung Gi’s Noona is My Woman to a girl he likes when he was in high school, the one who subsequently was courted by a Hyung from Athletics team (slimz1808: he mentioned this before in SGB .. )

DJ: when do you misses which other most
Kyu misses HJB: during interviews and prior to going on stage coz HJB is good at talking
HJB misses Kyu: during overseas activities coz will miss those days when they played together in the hotel rooms

HJB: Is now very open minded esp in his own radio show, no qualms about stammering during his own show. Says his show is low budget production, do not have funds to get special guestings. Tend to mumble rubbish on in his show, scaring guests off.

DJ: which is your best subject in school
HJB: English
Kyu: me too
There was a bit of commotion here (if u listen to the audio) coz the DJ got agitated as their schooling year is so much diff from hers due to age gap ..
HJB (randomly): “mathematics” (in English)
Kyu: what did you say?
HJB: mathematics (in Korean)
(slimz1808: I almost died of laughing when I read this!! Looks like Kyu’s best subject “English” did not cover the word – Mathematics.. LOL .. or HJB’s best subject “English” did not teach him the proper pronunciation of the word – Mathematics ?!)

DJ: how were you when you were young
Kyu: extremely quiet, very shy. would be too embarrassed to visit toilet and will hold till reaches home (slimz1808: LOL!!!)

DJ: food that you dislike when young
Kyu: nothing.. eats everything (slimz1808: but where did all the calories go to?!)

DJ: when do you find yourself the most handsome?
HJB: Every day, everyday when I look at myself in the mirror would feel satisfied .. hahaha
Kyu: after putting on make-up
DJ: me too!
Kyu: the confidence that comes after make-up can even makes me walk in a more confi manner

Question posted by listeners: how to confess when you meet someone you like
HJB: Get near on purpose, knock over by chance, then send to hospital =__= !
Kyu: will write letter .. coz will get nervous and stammer if speak face to face. Hence will write letter beforehand, loiter around her place and drop the letter somewhere nearby then RUN AWAY
(slimz1808: another ultra BIG LOL for me here… haa.. the two boys.. haaa)

DJ: when you meet someone for the first time, what do you notice first
HJB: bums coz he does not have (slimz1808: I think he meant his bums are not nice, big, round .. haa.. u girls should know what I am talking about?)
Kyu: so when you see someone for the first time you would tell him/her “excuse me can you show me your bums first?”
Kyu: will look at the face and eyes then the mouth. After being in the industry doing activities for a while, is able to tell someone’s character by looking at the eyes

Before Kyu went to sing GET YA LUV,he asked HJB: do you know this song?
HJB: yes
Kyu: then come and sing with me
HJB: faster go and sing on your own ah!

Kyu: thinks he is getting old and hence easily tire out nowadays . is eating vitamins and ginseng (slimz1808: really glad that he is finally taking care of himself. He used to wanna save and scrimp on himself to buy house for his family )

DJ: if given the chance, when do you want to go back to?
Kyu/HJB: when we were 19

HJB: is not confident of his ears coz they are too small.

HJB: Has very strong sense of obsession hence will buy anything that he likes
Kyu: wont buy in order to save enough to buy a house

DJ: how many bank books each has?
HJB: 3, Kyu: 1

DJ: ever felt envious of others before?
Kyu: nope
HJB: yes

HJB: if DJ noona radio show can have a fixed regular segment for us, he will definitely come
Kyu: me too


Much thanks to for sharing on her YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

thanks to the translator and liezle for sharing! lol they're so funny, hope to see them together like this more on radio or variety shows

Anonymous said...

A big THANK YOU to slimz1808 for tanslating and Liezle for sharing. KJ and HJ are so funny. I can't wipe the smile off my face now. Hope to see more of them together.

sinthia said...

ouun they miss each other... *-*
I'd love if baby was in B2M so we could get at least the sub-unit again. =D

hahahaha so funny the way they would confess!! LOL

Why baby didn't sing with Kyu... =(
I'd like to listen to them singing together get ya love. ^^

And what the hell he doesn't like his little cute ears? it's much better than have big ones!! xD

If this show had a regular segment to them it would be LOL!
I love KyuJun!!! <333333

thanks a lot to slimz1808 for translating!

tetsu_girl said...

lol our guySS are always so funny and charming! thanks so much for sharing, slimz1808 & liezle!

LOL KJ gives himself wedgies with the suspenders dance!! XDDD

i thought KJ said he was kinda picky, dislikes spicy foods, but loves common/junk food mostly?

haha their first impressions and confession styles! so adorkable~

aww they wish they could go back to SS501 days. i miss seeing them all play together in hotel rooms (or anywhere), too. *sigh*

i REALLY want a regular segment with them now PLS!

ping0119 said...

Baby mumbling rubbish on MuHigh and scaring guests off; How they would confess to someone they like; English being their best subject in school,...
LOL KyuJun are so cute!! Baby is always digging a hole for himself to be teased by others, even the kind Kyu keke XD

Eh I thought Kyu doesn't really like ham, pizza, ..?

They want to go back when they were 19? 2005... T_T I miss the scenes of the boys playing and fooling around in the hotel rooms~
It'd be great if there's a fixed regular segment for them... ><

ThanKYU for the translations, as always^^