Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong at Inkigayo 10.16.11

As I tweeted earlier, lady luck must like sitting on my shoulder earlier as we got lucky to get in at Inkigayo. As few of you might have known, Inkigayo is the most competitive music show for the fans to get in. It is small and since it is broadcast on Sunday many students wants to get the chance to get in as well.

As almost all the fans who got the ticket got it, there were still many fans outside. They were (including us) were left behind because of the cut-off given to each fan clubs. Was about to leave the place and decided to just do some last minute shopping but my feet just wouldn't move until a man approached us and asked how many are we in the group the the man pulled from his jacket two tickets and told us to keep quite. Because of excitement and wanting the other fans of Kyu Jong to get in as well, we approached the fans who where a bit from us and told them to look for the man. These Koreans know that we are overseas fans and they were happy for us so they told us to get it and not wait for them anymore. As we entered, the studion is jampacked and already full standing. When Kyu Jong fans saw us, they were so delighted that we were able to get in.

Few minutes after we get in the show started. It was earlier than the usual airing because SBS will be airing live baseball game.

It's my first time to watch Inkigayo live. Just like the other music shows there are pre-recorded and there are live performances. In today's show, Boyfriend, FT Island and Super Junior were all pre-recorded but they still did perform for us fans inside the studio (fan service). Infinite was also pre-recorded but they were not around for the live show so there was no fan service.

All idols' fans were present and each giving the loudest cheer. Orange Caramel has a group of fanboys who can really scream like hell. ^^ Though Kyu Jong's fans came in a good number we are still outnumbered. But when he performed even fans from the other fan clubs where screaming and cheering for him. I guess they just can't resist not to scream and cheer for the man whose charisma is strong.

Before Kyu Jong performed it was Boyfriend who was on stage. As mentioned earlier, their performance was pre-recorded which I am so happy because it gave Kyu Jong sometime to be on stage to prepare. Boyfriend did perform but the stage director cut so Kyu Jong spent a little more time on stage than the usual. While preparing Kyu Jong again showed some cuteness by dancing to Boyfriend's song. Then when the cue for him to start is business once again.

Here is Kyu Jong's performance in today's Inkigayo courtesy .

While performing, on the satellite stage where the MCs were FT Island came in readying for their interview. Hong Ki again was dancing to Kyu Jong suspender dance on the side. Not sure though if Kyu Jong saw it but it was so cute.

As Kyu Jong finished his performance, he looked at the satellite stage and made a very nice gesture to look at the satelllite stage (just like a prince bowing with arms extended to the left). Then as he walked out of the stage he bowed to the next peformers and made a deep bow to the audience.

During the announcemnt of mutizen, Kyu Jong was amongst the last to come up on stage he's at the side at the back of FT Island. Though seems alone, he kept of clapping and got surprised when the fireworks went off.

Today is my last day in Seoul, I will be flying home soon. I will certainly miss this wonderful city again and all the people that I had the chance to meet.

While, on my way to the hotel, I was already planning for my next trip to Seoul. Hope it'll materialize and hope to meet some of you here as well.


Lee Dewi / 이대위 said...

handsomeeeeeeeeee...... \(^.~)/

etet said...

Nearly *screamed* into my PC while viewing (now that would have surprised the neighbors... LOL)...
Not sure why but this performance is so damn *sizzling* HOT... Instead of *snapping* those suspenders, I just wanted to grab that vest and .......!

He was so intense... me loves that sometimes in a guy.... And his eye contact with the camera... Oh lala... Someone wrote it was as if "he was making love to the camera"!!!.....

Meez keeps thinking about that vest and wanting to...... it open.... *screams*


So very, very happy for you Liezle... you have called it "lady luck" but luck is not infinite.... what's in your heart on the other hand is infinite... your heart is so open and accepting that how can good things not find it's way to you and everyone else.... that's what I believe.... safe trip home... until we meet again (and I hope it is very soon!)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your wonderful experience in Seoul. me too want to go there but still need to know how much will be my expences

Anonymous said...

aiyaiyai...the fan chants~I can't stand it anymore~not hate but lots of love <3 how to describe his performance? so dreamy~ its sugar,spice and everything nice!haha^^

tetsu_girl said...

it's so great you guys got in! and i love how the other fans were thoughtful and happy for you, too. kind idols have kind fans. <3

there IS something about today's performance that's so charismatic! i love KJ's striped suit (his style of suave sexy suit is my fav!) and the stage setting and lights, but especially his expression, not just intense, but more pained than before. *swoon* that's musical acting right there! ;D

foreverkimkyujong said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us ^^ I, much greatly appreciate it :) Not sure when I will get a chance to go to Seoul but hearing your responses make me more and more eager ^^ Thanks again~

foreverkimkyujong said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us ^^ I, much greatly appreciate it :) Not sure when I will get a chance to go to Seoul but hearing your responses make me more and more eager ^^ Thanks again~

Anonymous said...

Kyu fighting! That suspender dance is sure something ^___^ I wish I have to guts to go to Seoul, I really want to catch Kyu in action and also catch Saengie's musical...anybody can help? What is the nearest, affordable hotel in Seoul near Seong Nam Arts Centre, or sth...if only I can watch the two of them perform, one on music stage and the other on the theatre stage,I'd be so darn happy!

ping0119 said...


kind idols have kind fans. YES^^! We are kind~~~ XD

Anonymous said...

Lol, I never thought people (and that includes myself) would regard this innocent and gentle boy as super sexy. His just oozing with sex appeal in this performance, can't help but have pervy thoughts (evil smirk)

sinthia said...

Thanks for sharing your days in Seoul with us!! I'm glad you got a chance to go see him before going home. ^^
I agree with all the comments above. This perf has something special!!I think he's more relaxed now,and like the members told him to enjoy the stage, it seems like he owned the stage. Can't explain!It's super HOT!!

Jen said...

thanks for sharing! always love reading your accounts! <3
makes me feel like im there too haha. though i really wish i could be there! TT

Tya said...

Omonaaaa so truuueee!!! Kyu's Inkigayo performance is REALLY2 GREAT!!!! *o*
the camera angle,,that intense stare,,that sexy waves,,kyaaaaaa xD