Friday, October 28, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong @ KBS World Radio Arabic 10.28.11

I got home a while ago and found this set of photos in my email. I know that Kyu Jong will be in KBS World Radio Arabic today. I would have wanted to listen but was out already when it went on air.

According to Mthool Sowailm(the one who sent me the email. sorry), during the interview Kim Kyu Jong had many phone calls from his Arab fans, he chatted with them and said "Marhaba" hello in Arabic (was the cutest thing ever according to MS). Also, He was so surprised by the huge popularity of him and of SS501.

Here are photos from KBS World Arabic Radio. Thanks to Arab TS from Kuwait / loluo_chan501 (on Twitter).

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sinthia said...

There's no video from this interview? =\
I'd like to see his reaction due to fans' demonstration of love. ^^