Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Full Vid of Making of Jaksal Ad

Video of the full making of Jaksal's ad has been shared YouTube by Check the video of Hyun Joong with his two close friends.

As requested by the uploader, please do not edit and re-upload in any other streaming sites including YT.

Btw, anyone knows if the YT is owned by Jaksal peeps?

Thanks to candy for emailing the link.


Anonymous said...

These three guys are so cute and look so good in the pics. They seem so close and are surely die-hard friends. So happy for Hyun Joong that he has friends like them.
Hope their business really prosper!

Chara said...

Those guys are just too funny and really really nice people.

Loved the interaction between Max and HJ the most. HJ smiling like that at Max makes me think that he's thinking about his first times in front of a cam. When he was as unsure as Max seems now.
And now the cam has become HJ's shadow. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great buddies at work! So precious very cute.