Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong @ Arirang Pops in Seoul 10.29.11

Yesterday was the broadcast of Arirang Pops in Seoul where Kyu Jong was the guest. Been waiting for the vid since last night but unfortunately didn't see any. But today when I went to Baidu, I see this to my delight. Well, thanks to ss501snowling for sharing this on Baidu.

All right, I posted this without watching first. So I'm off to listen then will be back to edit this post.

To start listening, click the PLAY (►) button on the player.

And this YT version courtesy of . Thanks to slimz1808's tip on the sidebar.

Just finished watching and I so like the interview. The lady is cute and seems so relaxed interviewing Kyu Jong. Isn't she the cousin of Kang Ji Young of Kara? Kyu Jong's closest amongst the ladies?

I like the YaKyu, sensual stare. Kyu Jong really has a sexy stare that would likely to melt you.

I think that Kyu Jong will never be a bad boy though I think he can be naughty. And he's so nice, humble and likeable. I think that he's someone that everyone mom would like to have for their daughter. ^^

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etet said...

So handsome and "ultra Kyute"... You can see and feel his confidence... showed his humble, thoughtful and honest side... "wants to be an approachable singer"...

But he still surprises!!!.....
"Mexican Tacos"?!?.. huh!?!?.... LOL :)
...come back to LA and I'll fill you with Mexican Tacos to your hearts delite! (we even have Korean Tacos!)...hehe!