Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Trans, DL Link & Pix] Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong at Old School 10.24.11

When the LINK to Kim ChangRyul's Old School got tweet earlier that came from @AkanechiRo I immediately downloaded it and listened to it. Listening was fun but knowing what Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong and the MC are all talking about is much much better. So thanks to Stephanie for sharing rough translation of the convo between the three on her blog. Thanks as well to candy and veggiedelight for the tip.

Check below trans. ^_^


[TRANS] 111024 Kim ChangRyul's Old School - Kim HyunJoong & Kim KyuJong

Shared by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ www.i-kpoplovers.blogspot.com)
MP3 Download Link: KIM CHANGRYUL'S OLD SCHOOL thanks to @AkanechiRo!
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Side-note: This broadcast is pre-recorded, thus there's no webcast.

HyunJoong = HJ
KyuJong = KJ
Youngsaeng = YS

1) When the show started, HJ introduced himself as Kim HyunJoong who came as 'Lucky Guy'. KJ introduced himself as the 'Lucky Guy' with the 'Lucky Guy'. But later, KJ properly introduced himself as Kim KyuJong who made his comeback with his solo album, Yesterday.

2) HJ said he worked hard preparing for his 2nd album, practised til' late night. KJ acted in the musical in Tokyo, and had encore in Korea.

2) KCR asked HJ if he were to choose between a Jaksal CEO, singer or actor, which one would he choose? HJ answered singer.

3) KCR asked KJ if he were to choose between YS or HJ, which one would he choose to become his brother? KJ answered YS because if he had chosen HJ, he might get 'beaten up'.

4) HJ said he don't feel like the 'big brother' although he's elder than others, in fact, it's KJ who seemed like the 'big brother' who took care of them.

5) HJ have no plans in acting this year because the music industry is always changing(?) rapidly, thus he wanna grab the chance as much as possible.

6) KJ said he's going to act in the new drama 'Saving Madamme Go Bongshil'.

6) HJ's comment on KJ's personality, a kind man. HJ said people thinks he have a 'bad boy' image, but they aren't really sure of KJ. Maybe the 'bad boy type in the kind boy', can't be sure.

7) KCR said KJ's nickname during his schooling year was 'The Prince'. Seldomly took photos with friends, never join the friends for lunch...and HJ butts in and said KJ is the '왕따' (those who've been 'left out' or lonely).

8) KJ said he had problems with pronouncing the 's' sound (lisp). Problem with pronouncing 'Yesterday', but he got the hang of it at last. HJ asked KJ to sing 'Shake it shake shake it' and KJ did it!

9) KJ said he finally knew how to pronounce the 's' now, but HJ said it's already too late now. KCR teased KJ that he only knew how to pronounce the 's' sound after living for 25 years, and HJ butt in and said 'After 6 years of becoming a singer, you only realized it now'. KJ said he realized it after singing 'Yesterday'.

10) HJ said KJ isn't a greedy person, eg: Last time when they're still in SS501, KJ never asked for any particular parts to sing, just said he's okay with any leftover parts

11) HJ said he have also co-produced in the 2nd album and KJ said he wanted to produce his own album too, but HJ teased him again that he's too kind, not competitive at all~

12) KJ said he wanted to cast in a movie, however, HJ said he wanted to act in TV dramas first to get the hang of all the basic requirements first as the requirements to act in a movie is very high.

13) KJ said HJ's nickname is the '4D alien guy'. When they're in Japan, HJ will usually watch those UFO/alien-related movies alone (and HJ listed a few of them). KJ said HJ really saw the UFO once.

14) HJ wished to hold a free concert for the fans worldwide.


Adding this set of photos that I saw on my timeline on Twitter. Thanks to @khjean14 for the tweet.


tetsu_girl said...

always love SS501 brotherhood interaction like their affectionate teasing. ^^
thanks a bunch for the summary trans, Stephanie!
thanks for sharing links & trans, lizle~ ^^

tetsu_girl said...

ah, i forgot to add:
i like Kyu Jong's cute lisp. ;)
and i think KJ is already ready for movie role acting! :D

Chara said...

"3) KCR asked KJ if he were to choose between YS or HJ, which one would he choose to become his brother? KJ answered YS because if he had chosen HJ, he might get 'beaten up'."

Why ASK a question like this? hohoho... Still answer I would have guessed! ^^

Anonymous said...

KJ is so handsome
love his black hair

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong looks so gorgeous. Love his style- always looks good in leather jackets and dark glasses. So special and extra attractive.

Anonymous said...

Ya, HJ golden boy, shining bright.

sinthia said...

shaushaushaushauhsu the pot calling the kettle black! xDD
I couldn't help but think in this expression when I read that lider was teasing KJ for not knowing how pronounce the 's' in Yesterday. ^^

It's just me, or Kyu is exceptionally charming in these pics! *-*

Anonymous said...

Kyu looks so good. All black suits him, he shines so brightly here.

Anonymous said...

it's password protected
can i have the password for the download link?

ping0119 said...

I find Kyu's lisp cute actually.. XD

Hmm it's not just you~ keke

Anonymous said...

kj no one can compare to you ^^

mayan said...

Kyu Jong looks absolutely gorgeous and the most down to earth celebrity. It's so great to see Kyu and Leader together these days.

Anonymous said...

Getting Hyun Joong fever. He is so gorgeous ! Just can't get enough of him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hyun Joong takes the cake anytime. Great jacket. Sexy shades.Stylish to the max. The hair gets you - our golden boy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I got Kinglow for word verification! Suits Hyun Joong to a 'T' . Wanted to say he is king for something - King glow is fine- Thanks word verification, for providing the word. Exact fit. Kinglow he is.

Anonymous said...

omo Kyu,
I'm so in love wt u

Anonymous said...

After reading the article i hope kyu will not take hyunjoong tease to heart and hope kyu will treat it like a challenge he must take and give hyunjoong a run for the money especially the not competitive part.On hindsight maybe hyunjoong did it on purpose to stimulate kyujong to challenge himself more than now cause kyujong is too kind and need to breakaway from that concept.Just my opinion only cause i know hyunjoong cares 4 his brothers but his type is brazen and straightforward.No ill intent just stating my view.

Anonymous said...

they both had a good time there. they are enjoy being with each other, isn't it enough ?!
the same word, with different tone, in different situation, it sounds and means differently.
it is only a translation.
do we have to read it word by word ?!
it was a radio show on air. they both knew why went there for & what were they doing. just trust their abilities of being the great entertainer.