Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong on UFO and Aliens

Believe it or not. ^_^ Hyun Joong's so funny. He's 4D personality is extraordinary. Read this and it'll put a smile on your face.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong saw a UFO in Japan?
Source : HanKyung
Courtesy of leesa86 / AllKPop

Singer Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he had seen a UFO in Japan.

Stars such as Kim Jisuk and Eun Ji Won also guest-starred on the episode of ‘Come to Play‘ that aired on the 24th, and living up to his nickname ’4 dimensional alien’, Kim Hyun Joong explained that he saw a UFO in Japan, and that he yelled to inform the others around him.

“I was at a photo shoot in Japan, when something that looked like a balloon sped by. I thought it was a plane for a second, but I wasn’t even anywhere near an airport. I didn’t think anyone would believe me, so I just screamed,” he said.

“I heard that a UFO appeared at Gwanghwamun recently, and the one I saw looked exactly like it,” he added, trying to make his story believable.

Eun Ji Won who is also famous for being a little four-dimensional hilariously added, “UFOs don’t like us to investigate. Let’s not look too deeply into this or something may happen“, to which Kim Hyun Joong absurdly added, “Aliens are the last forms of evolution. There’s no gravity in space, so their skin gets paler, and their fingers skinnier.”

Meanwhile also on the same episode, Eun Ji Won shared some exciting news that he and his wife have plans to have children sometime next year.


Anonymous said...

OMG, 4D leader.
So funny and. lovely

Anonymous said...

Eun Ji Won and Leader both 4D. Very interesting instead.... so funny.

Anonymous said...

Leader is very well informed on UFO and aliens. Hahaha. Maybe someday he will really have an occassion to meet his alien from outer space and ride in an alien space ship!
Leader, pls be sure to tell us about it, when that happens....

danz said...

it makes me happy everytime they let their 4D personalities shine...^^ i hope in the future they will all combine their 4D personalities in one show.. ^^

Anonymous said...

Oh my 4D prince.
Love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is always so interesting and entertaining when he talks. So refreshing and really funny. Can't help laughing. Precious.

pengfoo said...

Hyun Joong just cracks me up.He is the sunshine of my life, literally nowadays , esp with his head shining on me.Hahaha...