Thursday, October 27, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong @ M! Countdown 10.27.11

With intense eyes, swift glides and effortless sexy wave, Kyu Jong performed again at M! Countdown 'Yesterday' from his 1st solo mini album 'Turn Me On'.

Here is the video of his performance uploaded on YT by . Loads of thanks to slimz1808 for the tip on the sidebar.


tetsu_girl said...

his singing and stage presence are awesome today!
love the super loud fanchants! :D

etet said...

OMG, the “fan chants” were fantabulous! GREAT JOB GALs! It was so infectious that I found myself “screaming” into my laptop along with you!!! BRAVO! *claps*
Must admit that I’m like a mother hen who is worried about her brood. And isn’t there always one that you worry about the most? Yeah , I was sweating bullets those first couple of days. OK, he got through it but where was the real Kyu Jong?

But now it's been only 4 short weeks since he debuted and it’s almost like watching 2 different people! What a transformation! After each performance, after each interview, after each variety show, after each talk show, after each photo shoot, he grew…!!!

WOW! Have loved the watching the change...

OK going back to watch the vid and *scream* my head off.... Don't think i'm a mother hen any more but rather a......... (*growls*)

Slimz1808 said...

I agree e chants r loud. I suppose leaders fans did chant along too.. TS chants are always loud :)

ping0119 said...

Fanchants were overall very much loud than usual for 111027 M!Countdown. Orange Caramel's performance totally scared me. it sounded as if a bunch of guys were pulling at each others' hair >< And it seemed that they still couldn't calm themselves down and carried forward to the beginning of Kyu's performance. Wonder what happened there.

Same as etet, I was really worried for Kyu's solo CB. Especially after seeing 110928 Inkigayo fancam, heartbroken. Kyu has improved and grown up very much over the 4 weeks. He looks more confident, his dance moves are sexier and smoother, and he can even electrocute the camera very well now XD I can't help to scream every time he teases with his eyebrows at the camera keke