Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Full Vid & Unsubbed] Strong Heart 100th Episode w/ Hyun Joong 10.25.11

Loads of thanks to for uploading in YouTube the full episode of Strong Heart's 100th Episode that was shown last night over at SBS. For those who weren't able to watch i on live streaming last night here's your chance to watch the show.

Btw, YouTube uploader requested the the vid not to be uploaded elsewhere including YT. Thanks!

Thanks to kim_i96 for the tip on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

it can't be played here
sbs blocked it

Anonymous said...

Me too, I can't watch as well, SBSi blocked it. If you know Mandarin, you could search for and watch at Tudou website. Give them about a week's time for them to sub it. This episode is not on their website yet.