Friday, October 28, 2011

[Vid] Kyu Jong & Hyung Jun Singing @ Bestfriend 10.25.11

Not sure if this is in YT yet but I saw this on SS601 and soooo love it! It's a video of Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong singing live in Bestfriend FM4U last Tuesday.

Here is YT version courtesy of .

It is so obvious that Hyung Jun doesn't know yet the song and when to do the suspenders dance. But he made me laugh big time when he did the shake. ^__^ Kyu Jong on the other hand, seems to know well Hyung Jun's song. Ahh, they are so adorkable. 'love it to the max!

If you cannot watch this original vid from MBC which is in much better resolution in your current browser, I suggest you try watching this using IE because it works better for me. Here's the link to watch in IE >>


Anonymous said...

I miss seeing them together! They are so cute ^^

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the video on youtube:

The two are really cute together.

etet said...

Soooooo.... Adorable....