Saturday, October 22, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyun Joong @ the Opening of Jaksal Ilsan Branch 10.20.11

It was earlier reported that Jaksal Ilsan branch will be opened soon and that management (Hyun Joong and friends) of Jaksal decided to open a branch at Ilsan for Hyun Joong's parents to manage. The branch had its opening last night and of course Hyun Joong was there to grace the occasion.

I think as the opening of the Ilsan branch was known to many, many fans came to have dinner at the place. When Hyun Joong arrived the place was already jampacked with friends, fans and customers. At the new branch, Hyun Joong's parents was around as well as his older brother. Photos of them even got circulated on the net last night. With this, I think this branch will be one of the most profitable and popular branch of the three (or four?) branches that Jaksal has now. Especially whenever there is a stage of Hyun Joong at MBC Dream Center which is also located in Ilsan.

For those visiting Korean and want to go to Jaksal Ilsan branch, here is the address courtesy of wonderrrgirl:

Korean address :
작살치킨 (일산)
대한민국 경기도 일산 고양시 장항동 867번지
웨스턴돔 A동 113호

English address :
Jaksal Chicken (Ilsan)
Westerndom Block A No. 113
867 Janghang-dong Goyang-si, ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Here are just few of the photos I collected and few videos as well taken from different sources on twitter and some sent to me. Much much thanks to everyone.

Below is a set of photos of Hyun Joong's older brother. Alright, he's not working at Jaksal but just helping out last night because there was so many people. These photos came from HERE which veggiedelight emailed to me.

Hyun Joong beautiful mom.

The crowd at Jaksal Ilsan branch when Hyun Joong was around. Hyun Joong stayed for about one and a half hours.

Following snapshots are from Chinese Mother Fans.

Read that Hyun Joong quite a lot of toasting done last night and was even giving fans handshake.

This last batch of snapshots came from which was sent by candy via email.

Now let me share with you some fancams. The following videos are from the YouTube channel of .

courtesy of

Oh, and look what caught fans attention. Bae Young Joon and KeyEast sent congratulatory flowers on the opening of the new branch. Thanks to _tomato99 for tweeting the photo by hinata.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that good genes run in HJ's family.

Anonymous said...

Leader look exactly like his mom.overall face,eyes(big round eyes with big pupils)and that smile!
such a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

One good looking family. HJ is such a good son. I hope this branch does really well. :)

Tya said...

Congratulation for opening new branch Leader!!^^
his mother is soo beautiful!! XD
he,his mother n brother have similar smile :D good looking family *nod nod*

Rose Anne said...

congratulations to kim hyun joong and his family.... waaaah, it's the first time I saw his older brother..... more graces to come for them... fighting..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute family and friends.. They look so proud of Hyun Joong.. His brother is so handsome too and his MOM is just super gorgeous..

In the second vid.. u can see his mom in the background smiling.. She must be so proud and happy with so much love that her son is getting..

Hope the restaurant is a success.

Anonymous said...

mom, happy to meet you. please be happy and healthy. we love you.

Anonymous said...

i love you, hyun joong-ah!!

xeench said...

It was my dream to visit Jaksal Ilsan and it was realized just recently. For those who would like to visit there, this might be of help to you. Here's a link of directions on how to go to Jaksal Ilsan: